Finding a Doctor Online: An Inside Look

July 04, 2022

Marketing to patients online has never been more important in an age where, according to a report by, 81% of internet users search for services online. Medical services are no exception to this statistic, and more people are turning to online reviews, reputations, and social media to seek out a new doctor. To keep up with today’s digital pace, doctors need to know how to connect with patients at every step in online searches.

The steps patients take to find a doctor online

Doctors can increase their patient lead generation by identifying the places patients most frequently visit to find a new medical professional. You can turn your focus on SEO, healthcare keyword marketing, review responses, and social media accounts when you understand how and where traffic is naturally driven to your website. By engaging online patients at every step, you increase the chance that someone chooses your service over another’s.

Organic searches

Search engines like Google are the most popular, and simplest, place for patients to find a doctor, and this is likely the first step someone takes. Typing in a keyword, such as “dentist,” and a location is common for those just starting a search. You can take advantage of these broad searches by incorporating similar keywords across your website.

Honing in on location-specific keywords can be especially beneficial, as it can make you stand out above popular medical sites that dominate search engine result pages. Using such keywords positively impacts your SEO, making your website more likely to show up higher on the list of search engine results, and therefore resulting in more online conversions for your business.


Another place you can engage with patients and earn new ones is on your online reviews page. Once options have been narrowed down through a search, patients are likely to turn to online reviews to make a decision. You can build up a good reputation through online reviews in several ways. To get more reviews in general, ask patients directly to leave a review and provide instructions in your office on how to do so. Then take time to respond to reviews each week, ensuring that you are polite when responding to negative reviews and declaring appropriate changes to address issues. This demonstrates a sense of care that patients want to see in a doctor.

Social media

Finally, you can use social media to boost your credit and reach a larger audience. If you know what platforms your patients use most, you can place advertisements and information for your practice there. This is a great way to reach patients indirectly. Media presence is also highly valued among online users, and you can use different platforms as tools to improve your reputation by offering quick snippets into behind-the-scenes office life and answering patient questions. This encourages current patients to keep returning to your practice as well.

Bring in patients at every step

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