Posting Blogs Regularly

Digital Marketing

Developing trust with potential customers is key, especially when it comes to building your medical practice. When someone browses the web for a relevant practitioner, you not only want your company’s webpage to rank high on search results, but you also want that click to convert into an appointment. How do you build trust using your website? Discover a few ways regular blog posts may accomplish this, and more, for your practice.

Blog posts build a connection

According to, blog posts help establish a connection between readers and your practice. When your content is well written and provides accurate information in a relatable way, readers will respond. Creating informative posts bridges the gap between potential customers and your practice. Adding posts regularly builds your presence in the Google metrics and boosts your live site.

Successful blogs contain these elements

At DG, we know what it takes to boost your blog. By utilizing SEO-friendly techniques, our content develops an authoritative voice to elevate your practice in search results. Google uses the E-A-T system (Expertise, Authority, and Trust) to rank the trustworthiness of a brand or website. The more blogs that utilize certain measures, the higher the hits in this search metric. Delve into how these elements may yield new patients for your practice.


Every blog post should contain factual information. Citing outside sources via backlinks is one way to ensure the reader knows the claims made are accurate. Having verifiable sources that support the content in your blog is crucial to building the trust required to elevate your blog and business. If you are successful in establishing your authority, you may find other websites that link to your posts. When another webpage does this, it increases the visibility of your own through backlinking.


SEO writing revolves around using keywords that search engines pick up when users enter them in the search box. Using keywords effectively in blog posts increases the likelihood of a company’s page showing up in results. Knowing the appropriate keywords to utilize when optimizing hits is an integral part of digital marketing.

Internal linking

When creating new material, you have the opportunity to promote older posts. Blogs remain intact on the practice’s page until deleted. If there is a shortage of ideas for new material, refresh older posts. Since the medical community is continually changing, you may update a previous post with new science. Instead of deleting the previous post, link it to the new. This is another effective way to increase views and trust for your business.

The time to capture business is now

Getting new patients should no longer depend only on referrals. Take control of your marketing through the creation of regular blog posts. Our team at Doctor Genius is standing by to answer your questions and get you started. We want to learn all we can about your needs so we can suggest the perfect package to fill them. Give our team a call and let us help grow your practice to its full potential. 

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