How to Have a Live Site

August 17, 2020

For many business owners, building a website is an exciting yet stressful endeavor. The thrill that comes with the prospect of expanding one’s reach and attracting new patients or clients is shadowed by the pressure to get everything, from the design to the navigation to the content, just right. If you can relate to this, you may be tempted to sit back, relax, and watch your site do its work once you hit “Publish.” We recommend against doing this, as your website will not work for you — at least not very well — without some tender loving care.

How to increase the effectiveness of your website

To maximize the effectiveness of your website, you need to keep it active. A live site is one that is continually updated, maintained, and refined. To keep your website from decaying, create a live site checklist. Below are four items to add to it.

1. Refresh your content

Content drives traffic to your website and engages visitors. However, if it is not written for your audience, contains errors, or lacks the appropriate keywords, you risk driving visitors away: if you attract them at all.

After you launch your site, wait a couple of days and then go back to review your content with a fresh eye. Overtime, tweak it so that it is in line with your brand’s voice and speaks directly to your target market. Optimize it for search, correct any errors, and take out or edit any information that is inaccurate or no longer relevant. Go through old blogs that were successful, looking for what worked and what didn’t work on ranking reports. At this point, you can decide if your keywords need to be refreshed, so that future blogs are relevant or if you should elaborate on what worked well. For webpages, after enough time has elapsed, you may need to redo the page altogether. By auditing your content regularly, you can ensure it stays fresh and effective.

2. Add new content

Google prioritizes new, pertinent content over the stale, out-of-date subject matter. This is evident by its 2016 “Freshness” algorithm, which places a greater emphasis on the recentness of content than it ever has before. Not only does Google appreciate new content, but so, too, does your audience.

New content in the form of blogs, landing pages, videos, infographics, white papers, and the like helps you to increase audience retention, establish trust, build authority, and, ultimately, encourage conversions. For these reasons, and for ranking purposes, one of the first things you should do after launching your website is to build a content marketing strategy.

3. Update your imagery

When people return to your site, it is because they like what they saw before and want to see what new and exciting things you have to offer. Changes, no matter how slight (such as a new banner or an updated team picture), can appease return visitors and entice them to visit again soon.

New imagery can also give your rankings a boost. By using alt text, captions, image sitemaps, and image structured data, you can make your imagery searchable, ensuring that each page of content pulls double duty.

4. Check usability

Several factors affect usability, including site speed, navigation, security and mobility. Perform a complete audit of your site across multiple different devices and platforms to ensure it performs optimally on each. If you discover any shortcomings or errors, such as 404s or slow load time, fix them to ensure a smooth user experience.   

See how our marketing solutions can keep your site live

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