Qualifying Events for Patients: Marriage

August 13, 2020

People typically only have one opportunity to enroll in an employee benefit program, unless there are other qualifying events. While certain events might not be on people’s radar, most know that marriage constitutes a life event. A patient getting married who is satisfied with the current benefits program can be more likely to remain enrolled. Conversely, those who are dissatisfied may see an opportunity to drop their coverage.

Increasing employee satisfaction with benefits

Here are some ways to create a positive patient experience for clients so a life event like marriage is a reason for them to increase current coverage rather than leave.

Provide multiple channels for connection

Traditionally, patients are reminded about yearly examinations or upcoming appointments with a flyer in their mailbox or a phone call. A reminder about an open enrollment period or life event from a benefits provider can also jog their memory. In addition to these methods, it can be helpful to send out notifications through text messages or emails. While this usually requires client consent, it can be more effective not only in getting patients to keep their appointments but also in helping them have a positive experience.

You may also want to consider allowing patients to make or change appointments through a portal available on the company website. This can encourage clients to take control of their health care and make scheduling their responsibility. 

Encourage staff interaction 

Patients who feel supported by every staff member they come into contact with can be more likely to feel valued as a client. Each time an employee walks by patients without smiling or acknowledging them in some way, patients may feel less like a person and more like a case number. When all staff members make patient care a top priority, it can encourage not only patient loyalty but also an increased sense of urgency regarding personal health care. Clients who feel valued by health care providers can be more likely to not only be pleased with their benefits package but also to recommend remaining with their current providers to a new spouse.   

Offer affordable payment plans

It is unrealistic to think all treatments can be offered at affordable rates. However, expecting clients to pay a premium out of pocket for treatment can result in fewer patients agreeing to certain procedures. The following are options for payment that patients often prefer:

  • Financing
  • Monthly installment payments made directly to the medical practice
  • Reduced cost for paying the total upfront with cash

Making both elective and necessary treatments more affordable can encourage patients to see health care as a more affordable option. 

Discover more ways to keep clients during qualifying events

Sometimes, increasing client retention can be accomplished by restructuring your website to make it more attractive and user-friendly. In other cases, reaching out through social media can make a big difference. Whatever your needs are, our team is ready to help! Learn how we can support you so you can make a bigger impact in the lives of your clients.  

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