Why Have a Social Media Posting Calendar for a Medical Practice?

February 25, 2021

Social media is one of the largest growing platforms for medical practice marketing. It allows practices to become more visible in high-traffic areas online. There is more than meets the eye on these forums, and understanding the useful features may help raise your practice’s online presence. Doing this can ultimately net you more website views and potential clients. Find out how to raise your healthcare SEO by creating a calendar to post content to your practice’s social media accounts automatically.

Medical practice marketing using social media

People have become reliant on social media for providing insight into potential products and services. Hashtags have become a starting point for everything from news articles to reviews. Using hashtags and SEO keywords in blog posts makes it more likely that your content is seen. The more relevant and engaging content you post, the higher your webpage views can climb and yield new clients for your practice. Creating content to post across social media allows your practice to harness the power of social engagement to engage potential clients and drive business to your practice.

Planning a content calendar for doctors

Creating content for your practice should be a priority if you wish to grow. It is important that blog posts are put up with some regularity. This ensures your practice continues to appear high in SEO rankings on social media. Finding an effective way to post content frequently may come down to using a social media calendar.

Promote your practice regularly

You use a calendar to plan your day and schedule patients. It allows you to see upcoming events and ensure that you have the necessary tools well in advance. The same logic applies to a social media calendar. This tool allows you to plan your practice’s blogs in advance and have them automatically posted on the days and times you choose. Scheduling posts helps you to maximize timing trends for social media users. Utilize a social media calendar for your practice to provide a steady stream of insight to users.

Capitalize on healthcare trends

Coming up with relevant topics may be one of the most difficult parts of writing blog posts. You want to create engaging posts that drive traffic to your practice’s website from social media outlets. A calendar can help with content planning by allowing you to capitalize on relevant healthcare awareness days. Blog posts centered around these medical topics and how they relate back to your practice can be written on your timetable but set to post on social media during the relevant dates. This ultimately raises the practice’s visibility during these times.

Let our content creators help!

Perhaps you do not have the in-house resources to create a steady stream of content for your blog and social media pages. That is where our creative team at Doctor Genius comes in. Call DG today at 1-877-477-2311 and let us create the type of content relevant to your practice. Our staff can set up a social media calendar and fill it with SEO-centered content to post regularly to capture more clients for your practice.

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