Advice for Dealing With Negative Yelp and Google Reviews

February 22, 2021

You work hard to build a successful medical practice and establish an excellent reputation. In today’s world where many potential patients choose a medical practice based on the online reviews of previous patients, it is critical to know how to handle negative reviews. Learning about patient review management can help you not only deal with poor reviews but also grow your practice. 

How reviews affect search engine rankings

The algorithm Google uses when someone searches for your practice pulls reviews from many platforms such as Yelp, Google, and Facebook. While one bad review on Google may not be enough to disrupt your ranking, one patient who leaves a negative review across multiple platforms can cause your ranking to fall. All it takes is a few patients with a negative perception of your practice to leave reviews on several websites, and your ranking, as well as the reputation and credibility of your practice, can suffer. Because of this, it is critical to handle poor reviews quickly and professionally. 

Turning negative reviews into a positive patient experience

According to the Harvard Business Review, bad reviews can actually be good for business when handled correctly. Here is how this can be accomplished. 

Respond to the review in a timely manner

Ignoring a negative review is the worst thing you can do. Silence only reinforces the patient’s perception that you and your practice do not care about them. However, it is equally important to plan your response carefully and understand the patient’s situation before responding. 

Properly assess the situation

Taking the time to figure out what went wrong can not only allow you to respond appropriately but also help you prevent similar situations from occurring in the future. Ask questions of your staff about what was said or done that perhaps could have been misinterpreted. If there is any recorded correspondence, such as phone calls, voice mails, or emails, listen to or read through those to better understand what happened. 

Make the situation right

When a bad review is handled correctly, it shows your dedication to patient experience and care. It can be reassuring for potential patients to understand that if there are any incidents during an appointment or procedure, they will be taken seriously and dealt with correctly. 

Express your gratitude to the customer

Every unhappy patient is an opportunity to make your practice better. Many times, patients who have a poor experience never take the time to leave a review. Rather, they will avoid your practice or speak poorly of it to others. By leaving a review, the patient gives you the chance to make things right and earn back their trust. Saying thank you to a patient is a wonderful way to bring closure to a potentially disruptive situation.

Improve your online presence 

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