Why Dental Practices Should Promote on Pinterest

November 18, 2021

Pinterest is a social media network that allows users to share ideas and explore other users’ content through images. Users create “pins” that can be posted to “boards” on the site. Each board has a theme that links all of its pins together, and, in this way, everyone on Pinterest can find and follow boards that interest them. If you know how to use it effectively, Pinterest can be an excellent tool for online dental marketing.

Positive factors of marketing on Pinterest

Many professionals have begun marketing on Pinterest, as it opens a door to another large audience in the world of social media. If you are considering trying the site for your dental marketing, you probably want to know how Pinterest can help your business grow. Like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Pinterest offers new and innovative ways to reach new patients through these positive factors.

Reaching a target audience

According to statista.com, 77% of Pinterest users are female. This is an essential audience to reach for a dental brand, as women are frequently the decision-makers when it comes to healthcare. Women also often make dental appointments for families, so marketing your dental office on Pinterest allows your business to reach more women.  

Using engaging visuals

Visuals are always a huge attractant for online marketing and dental SEO. Posts with pictures, images, or videos are likely to gain more traction on any social media platform. Pinterest’s layout is specifically designed for visuals, so by creating a marketing plan for the site, you will automatically develop a social media strategy that incorporates engaging visuals.

Posting to relevant boards

Pinterest boards are a powerful tool that should not be overlooked. Users only follow boards with topics of personal interest, which makes finding your target audience much easier. Identifying and posting to boards that revolve around dental practices and topics can increase the number of people who discover you and your practice. You can use this to your advantage by posting across multiple boards, thereby increasing your chances of finding a patient who is looking for a new dentist or dental information.

Providing valuable information

Just because Pinterest focuses on visuals does not mean you cannot include valuable information that dental patients want to know. The network allows you to include a link in each post. If you want to advertise a recently published blog post on your dental practice’s website, simply create an eye-catching pin that teases the subject and includes a link. Anyone who is interested will be guided to your website to learn more.

Improving business

Your Pinterest content can range in style, tone, and media to keep users engaged. By building a Pinterest audience that continues to return for more, you can attract new patients to your practice while helping retain your current clientele and followers.

Discover new ways to market online

Doctor Genius is a leader in SEO, online marketing, and social media tactics for dental professionals. If you want to learn more on how to use Pinterest to benefit your practice, contact us. We can help you understand what works and how to strengthen your marketing plan.

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