What Are Online Forms and Do I Need Them?

April 21, 2021

With COVID-19, going contactless with paperless forms has been an important way to help keep patients and staff members safe and healthy. As we enter the new normal, online forms will remain an important addition to healthcare practices for reasons beyond safety. The final installment of our blog series, Returning To a New Normal, will reveal how online forms from Doctor Genius can simplify your client intake process and save patient and practice time.

Online Forms Can Improve Your Patient Experience

While some wait time is unavoidable, online forms are a simple way to help patients receive the care they need in a timely fashion. These virtual documents can expedite your intake process, reducing frustrating wait times that negatively affect patients’ perception of care and office management. A study by the Journal of Dental Hygiene showed that longer waiting times negatively affected participants’ evaluations of the patient-provider relationship and their intentions to return. Offering paperless forms can improve the patient waiting room experience and increase their likelihood of returning.

How Online Forms Can Save Patient and Practice Time

The process of filling out documents before a dental appointment can be inconvenient and time-consuming. Online forms allow offices to streamline their operations and save patient and practice time. With paperless forms from Doctor Genius, your practice can send documents to patients before their appointments so they can fill them out at their convenience. When filling out forms in the office, patients often rush to provide their information. This can lead to interpretation errors, the provision of inaccurate information, and illegible writing that can take more time to process.

There is no need for patients to spend an additional 10 to 15 minutes filling out information with paperless forms. Patients can fill out their documents directly online and save your staff time transferring the information manually. Online forms will allow you to receive timely and accurate patients information so you can focus on providing them with the correct diagnosis and treatment. This technology solution can help reduce appointment delays and the time patients spend in your office and increase client satisfaction.

Types of Online Forms

Doctor Genius offers a range of paperless forms to expedite the patient intake process. Some of the available online documents include virtual check-in and consult, release of information, triage, consent, and treatment forms. Your practice will have the option to edit, update, or customize forms for their specific needs. This software will play an important role in maintaining patient safety and office efficiency in the new normal.

Teledentistry Emergency Triage Form

Teledentistry emergency triage forms help reduce unnecessary emergency appointments and reduce exposure. Patients can easily receive these online documents and send secure photos and videos of their issues for review. Your practice can review the triage forms to make an educated decision on whether the situation necessitates an in-person appointment. This form is a crucial part of identifying patient needs and directing them to the most appropriate care setting. Online triage forms can help your office manage the inflow of patients and ensure that you utilize resources and time efficiently.

Digital Consent and Treatment Forms

Going paperless with electronic consent forms can reduce the risk of HIPAA violations at your office. Doctor Genius offers forms that conform to HIPAA regulations to ensure your office protects patient confidentiality and privacy. Once the electronic consent form is signed, the software stores it securely without the risk of unattended confidential papers lying around for bystanders to see. Doctor Genius provides a range of consent forms, including ones for X-ray refusal, cosmetic treatment, oral surgery, and more. Patients can also review digital treatment plans and sign them on the spot. This convenient solution saves your office time and energy by not having to scan and upload the signed papers to your practice management system. It also gives patients control over when and how they complete their information.

Exceed Patient Expectations With Doctor Genius

Our Patient Experience Package has easy-to-use and customizable paperless forms that can transform your client intake process. This software can help your practice streamline how it collects signatures and information, maximizing patient satisfaction and office efficiency. Doctor Genius has the tools and resources to save your practice time, so you can focus on delivering quality care within your community. Contact us to learn more about our range of paperless forms and how they can transform your office processes! 

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