Creating an Effective Employee Referral Program For a Medical Office

April 19, 2021

According to careerbuilder, 88% of employers reported employee referrals ranked higher than all other sources in terms of quality new hires. This statistic alone should be enough to get you to take another look at developing a healthcare employee referral program for your medical office. In case you are not convinced, here are a few more reasons to implement this hiring strategy.  

Advantages of having an employee referral program

If you have high caliber employees, odds are good these people have quality acquaintances who could be a good fit for your practice. Even if you are not currently hiring, take a look at these benefits of creating a referral program now. 

Access to passive job seekers

What kind of employees have exceptional work history records and are generally more successful and satisfied with their work? Those who already have a good job. However, many of these people may be interested in taking a new position if the right incentives are involved. Because this type of employee is not actively searching for a job, the easiest way to tap into this group is through employee referrals. 

Faster hiring process

A study by Jobvite shows most job sites take 39 days to close a position, career sites take 52 days, but employee referrals only take 29 days. This is possible because the current employee has already done some indirect screening for you and would most likely not recommend an unqualified candidate. 

Increased culture fits

Even qualified candidates may not be a culture or values match for your practice. This is another case where employee referrals are helpful. Employees who refer someone generally already know a bit about that person’s character and personality and can provide insight into areas not easily determined by the application process. 

Better ROI

Key elements of an employee referral program for a medical practice

How do you put together an effective referral program? Take these three steps to get started. 

1. Train the right people

Train your hiring manager to be on the lookout for opportunities to get referrals. This person is in contact with your employees on a daily basis and has ample opportunity to listen and ask questions about potential referral candidates. A recruiter or HR manager may not have enough interaction with staff members to know which ones would be able to provide the right type of referrals. 

2. Include the referral program in employee onboarding

Let employees know how important the referral program is and provide details about it during the orientation process. Stressing the program at this point is a good way to get them to think about it while they are still close with people from their previous job and have a fresh network. 

3. Offer enticing incentives

Recruiting and hiring is an extremely expensive process. Because referrals are less expensive to find, you can offer a cash bonus as an incentive for employees to recommend someone.

Win at healthcare employee referral

Having the right people is a huge part of having a successful practice, as our team at Doctor Genius is well aware. That is why we offer practice management advice on everything from referral programs to how to keep your staff motivated. Call us today to see how we can help you and your staff be successful together. 

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