Top 5 Blogging Mistakes Medical Practices Make

Digital Marketing

Blogging is a critical part of online medical marketing. It gives professionals the opportunity to connect with patients on a digital level, offering advice and providing valuable information with the click of a button rather than through an appointment scheduled months in advance. It is also a way to improve your website’s SEO, a valuable part of content marketing for doctors. When a medical practice fails to take advantage of blogging, it can miss out on major opportunities essential for a successful online business.

Common mistakes to watch for
The purpose of a blog is to create content that intrigues patients and encourages users to visit your site frequently. As a medical professional with loads of experience, it can be hard to know where to start with a blog. To set off on the right foot, avoid these top five mistakes.

1. Posting irregularly
You would probably become frustrated if your favorite magazine published three issues in a single month followed by a single issue in the next two months. You might even lose interest and stop reading. The same goes for an online blog. Posting irregularly or not enough can disengage patients from your website and discourage them from returning. To improve your content management for healthcare, set a blogging schedule that you can follow.

2. Writing poor-quality content
Never sacrifice quality for quantity. If you are struggling to write great blogs because of a strict publishing schedule, change the schedule instead of pumping out posts that do not offer good information or are lacking valuable content. Prioritizing first-rate insights establishes trust with your patients and expands your digital reach.

3. Publishing without a goal
Before you begin blogging, brainstorm a theme for your blog. What is your focus? What questions is the blog attempting to answer? Asking yourself these can help identify a goal to keep in mind every time you write a new post. To start, think about the most common questions you get in office visits and answer those.

4. Using too much technical jargon
It is no secret that doctors are incredibly knowledgeable in fields that most people never learn about. With scientific-based medicine and practices come technical terms outside the lexical scope of a non-medical individual. When choosing what words to use, remember that most of your readers will not know a lot of the niche vocabulary you are familiar with. Keep it simple and conversational, as if you were speaking to a patient right in your office.

5. Not focusing on patient-related issues
There may be many fun and exciting aspects of your profession that you want to talk about on your blog. Unfortunately, if these do not answer questions relevant to patient needs, you may lose readership. Consider asking patients to take a survey that can help you identify what they want to know most and use this to guide your writing.

Blog like a pro
Blogging and writing are not for everyone. That is why Doctor Genius provides support and services to get your blog on the right track for SEO and marketing purposes. Contact us to find out how we can help take your blog from average to extraordinary.

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