The Importance of Source Credibility

July 28, 2020

Most of the time, when users type something into a search engine, they are seeking to answer a question or fill a need. The goal of your website should be to provide useful, unique content that answers those questions or fills those needs. 

However, it is not enough to merely design a useful website. You must also develop a website that ranks high enough for the right keywords that users can find your website. The credibility of your website plays a vital role in how well your site will rank in search engines. Doctor Genius can help you build the credibility your site needs.


E-A-T, which stands for expert, authoritative, and trustworthy, is the guiding principle behind how Google’s search quality raters evaluate a site’s fit for a given keyword search. It also plays a big role in how the automated algorithm ranks sites. The two main determining factors of how much E-A-T your site has are the quality of your site and the quality of the links to your site.

Site quality

Building a quality site should be your primary goal. You do not just want to attract visitors. You want those visitors to stay on your site and become customers. Additionally, quality content will help you get quality backlinks. 

To demonstrate E-A-T on your site, you should focus on creating unique, useful, updated and accurate content. Your content should be free of grammatical errors, well-written and authoritative. Your site design should appear professional and well-organized.

Fresh, original content ranks much better than stale, copied content. To keep your E-A-T high, you need to post new, original, high-quality content continually. Additionally, you should always base your content on authoritative sources, such as academic journals, and use original sources wherever possible. 

Your users should be able to easily find a detailed description of your credentials, name, address, location, contact information and privacy policy. It is important that users be able to quickly ascertain who is producing the content on your site, what their level of expertise is, and that they are a real person or organization who can be contacted easily with questions or concerns. 

Backlink quality

The Google algorithm relies heavily on quality links from other sites to determine how much E-A-T your site has. Links from popular sites with high E-A-T will improve your site’s E-A-T much more than links from sites with low traffic or questionable reputations. 

Our content marketing team at Doctor Genius can help you identify and secure links from the types of sites that can most help you build E-A-T and improve your search engine rankings. 

How Doctor Genius can help

Doctor Genius can help you design a professional website with all the details you need to convince customers that your site is authoritative and trustworthy. Additionally, we can provide you with the unique, fresh, high-quality content you need to maintain high search rankings. 

Contact our team today to get started building a professional site that will impress customers and search engine algorithms alike. 

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