How to Express Your Practice’s Brand Online

July 27, 2020

Here at Doctor Genius, we know that your brand is the most valuable component of your marketing. Consistency in brand messaging is one of the keys to ensuring that your online presence always communicates your core brand values. Doctor Genius can provide a personalized online presence, packed with fresh and unique content that will help you drive sales and stand out from your competitors.

Benefits of brand consistency

Chances are you have invested a lot of thought, effort, and money into standardizing the way your facilities and employees represent your brand in your practice. It is just as essential to ensure that your online presence consistently reflects your desired brand image. A consistent brand helps you project professionalism and establish authority and authenticity. It avoids confusing clients and builds trust with them while providing your business with internal direction.

Designing your online presence

Your online presence needs to consistently reflect your brand values while also attracting visitors and converting those visitors into customers or patients. Doctor Genius can help you with a design strategy that both strengthens your brand and improves your results. 

Emphasize what makes you unique

To stand out from your competitors, you need to identify what makes your practice unique and make sure your clientele know about it. This is not the time to be humble. Your website and other online communications should tell your patrons exactly what your practice does well and how that benefits them so that they know why they should choose you instead of your competitor. 

Be easy to find

The best website in the world will not do you much good if no one can find it. As an SEO agency, Doctor Genius can design a high-converting, mobile-friendly website for you that places you high in the search results for your chosen keywords. 

Apply your brand guidelines to your online presence

With a bit of adaptation, you should be able to apply the same brand guidelines you use in your practice to your online presence. It is important to use the same graphics, logos, and fonts you use in your printed, in-office, and other marketing materials on your website and in your social media and e-mail communications. You want your patients to recognize all of your communications as coming from you instantly. 

Keep your online messaging consistent

To effectively market your brand online, you need to utilize multiple channels such as e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others. Doctor Genius employs a multi-pronged approach to consistency in online messaging:

  • Use consistent logo and design elements
  • Develop brand-consistent content
  • Keep a standard tone across channels
  • Choose channels that align with your brand values
  • Work with influencers who will commit to brand consistency

Let Doctor Genius help

You decide what you want your brand to say about you, and Doctor Genius can make sure that your online presence conveys that message to site viewers every time. Contact us today to find out how our team of web developers can create an online presence for you that will improve your online reputation, help you rank higher in search engines, increase your conversion rate, and distinguish your practice from all the rest. 

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