Maintaining Brand Consistency Online for Your Medical Practice

January 20, 2022

At the base of every successful online marketing campaign is a well-built brand. Without a clear identity and consistency in design, people who encounter your practice online may not engage with your website and social media content. On the other hand, investing resources into medical branding sets your practice apart from the competition and establishes credibility from the start. Learn how you can maintain brand consistency for your medical practice on your website, social media, and beyond.

What does a strong brand consist of?

When it comes to a strong brand, consistency is key. From the physical sign on your building to the social media posts you publish online, everything should be coherent and similar in style for both design and messaging. There are several elements to consider when building your brand:

  • An attractive, identifiable logo
  • A harmonious color scheme
  • Constant font styles that match your logo and marketing content
  • Distinguishable stylistic designs, such as bold lines, florals, or swirls
  • Similar wording, catchphrases, and tone across all written and verbal content
  • Consistent photo styles and graphics

Creating your brand

If your physical and online content looks different across various platforms, posts, and mediums, the first step is to establish your brand. You can tell if your practice’s brand consistency is poor if it is missing some of the essential elements of a strong brand, such as similar font styles, colors, messaging, or graphics.

The main factor you want to consider is your logo, as it is likely the first thing that will come to mind when patients consider your brand. Make sure it features a clean design that is professional and balanced.

Next, put together a brand and marketing plan. Your brand guide lists the color palette, font types, icons, and possibly photo examples. The marketing guide should lay out your practice’s messaging document and marketing strategy. Anyone who works on website or marketing projects for your practice can refer to these documents to maintain consistency.

Why do patients care about a strong brand?

When interacting with companies online, an effective, consistent brand enhances the online patient experience and strengthens credibility. If interacting with your practice for the first time online, people may feel unconfident trying to schedule an appointment or submit any forms or paperwork online. However, a strong brand communicates professionalism and dependability, which builds trust from the start.

Additionally, brand consistency can help with the lead nurturing process if potential clients are still considering your practice after being exposed to your marketing content. Many marketers live by the “Rule of Seven,” a term first coined by Dr. Jeffery Lant that theorizes it takes an average of seven times of interacting with your brand before a lead converts. Each time someone encounters your practice, it is important that they can recognize your brand.

How can we help you maintain a consistent brand?

From creating an effective website design for doctors to putting together a solid marketing strategy for social media, our team at Doctor Genius can create content that is consistent across the board. Call us at 877-477-2311 to see the difference a strong brand can make.

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