Keeping Clients In the Loop about Your Office Status

April 08, 2021

As the world begins to recover from the pandemic, healthcare practices must provide patients with the updates they need to make informed decisions about their medical care. Proactively giving updates is a simple and effective way to let patients know that your practice is open and begins the necessary steps to keep them safe. Part one of our blog series, Returning to a New Normal, will reveal the benefits of keeping patients in the loop about your office status and how Doctor Genius can help.

The Importance of Updating Patients

As people continue to adjust to this new normal, practices must communicate with patients who have been waiting for updates since COVID-19 has drastically impacted the healthcare industry. Medical practitioners have new health and safety guidelines to follow and overdue appointments to reschedule while maintaining proper social distancing measures. Now is crucial for practitioners to show their clients how they have evolved during these times.

Updating patients on office statuses and educating them about changes is a significant part of building trust and improving the patient experience. This information can help reduce patients’ worries and anxiety and build their confidence in seeking your practice’s care. While patients may feel hesitant about returning to your practice at this time, updates can reassure them about your safety measures and appointment protocols. Although communication is always important, it is even more critical during times of uncertainty since healthcare providers’ communication skills play an integral role in patient satisfaction. Our team at Doctor Genius can help your practice create and maintain strong relations to retain your loyal patient base and attract new clients.

What To Share With Patients

Practitioners should share any significant updates or information with their patients, including details about new safety protocols to keep patients and the office team healthy. These updates can help patients feel more comfortable utilizing your services. Offices can also provide patients with updates about in-person appointments. Letting patients know that they can still receive the care they need may help put them at ease. No matter the reason, people will need these important services. Updates and keeping patients in the loop can show them that you care while also keeping your practice at the top of their minds. 

How To Reach Patients

While communicating with patients is critical, it does not have to be complicated. Modern technology can help you communicate effectively and easily with patients and keep your schedule full. Knowing where to send messages and updates is an essential part of ensuring patients see them. Every person is different and will have a favored form of contact. Practices may find it beneficial to let their clients choose their preferred channel.

Some of the most common ways to update people about appointments is through email or text.  Secure texts are especially growing in popularity. According to a 2017 survey, respondents preferred text messaging over email, phone, and letters for health care reminders. Email and text allow practices to deliver quick and effortless communication, which consumers have come to expect. Sending these messages with personal touches can improve the overall patient experience and establish patient loyalty. This communication will help create stronger personal connections with patients now and for many years to come.

Return to the New Normal with Doctor Genius

As communities begin to open up and people look to schedule appointments again, keeping clients in the loop about office updates and appointment availability is crucial. Doctor Genius has comprehensive digital marketing solutions to help you communicate with your clients. We offer services such as the Patient Experience Package to help you stay connected when it matters the most. This package includes everything your practice needs to communicate with patients anytime and anywhere. If you are looking for a way to reach patients and keep them informed, Doctor Genius can help! Our team has the tools to help you adapt and grow as we return to a new normal. Contact us to learn more! 

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