Is Your Dental Practice Relocating? 5 Tips for Keeping People Informed

April 15, 2021

While there is likely a lot on your mind if you are going through the process of relocating a medical practice, ensuring current and future patients are informed of the address change prevents any frustration or confusion. Fortunately, there are many avenues you can take to get the word out in the months and days leading up to the move.

How to successfully update patients about a relocation

Having a plan in place when you change offices makes the transition more seamless. Here are five tips to consider as you prepare.

1. Email and mail current patients

Apart from your office’s internal staff and medical team, your current patients should be the first to know about the change in address. As soon as there are a set location and move date, send out an email and letter or postcard to every patient on your mailing list. Using both modes of contact increases the chance the update makes it to all patients. This information should be sent out periodically, from several months before to about a week prior to the move, as well as soon after the relocation takes place.

2. Post notices on your website and social media channels

Anyone who visits your practice’s website or social media channels should see an update about the move right away. Communicating with patients through your website can include placing a banner underneath the header. On social media, there should be a post notifying followers of the relocation and several reminder posts leading up to the day. Using paid ads can also get the word out to patients and other people living nearby who may not follow your account on social media.

3. Update the address on the website

Once the move has officially taken place, make sure the new address is updated on all spots on the website. Check the contact page, footer, and anywhere else someone may find this information. Make sure any maps point patients to the right location.

4. Ensure the address is updated on all directories

Update Google My Business, Yelp, Yellow Pages, and other directories that people may use to find your office. Also make sure to contact the appropriate legal and financial agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service, the Secretary of State, your bank and creditor, and your city licenser.

5. Update and reprint print marketing materials

Remove any print materials that include your office’s old address and replace them with new materials listing the new location. If you often use print marketing to get the word out about your business, new, updated flyers are more likely to get someone’s attention. Also, revise all business cards and brochures.

Keep your patients up to date

When Doctor Genius is your marketing company, we help ensure you cover all your bases and effectively use marketing methods to reach the right people with the news. From posting onto your social media to making the necessary changes to your website, we can help you prevent any avoidable frustrations. Call us at 1-877-377-2311 to learn more about how we can assist you during this transition and beyond.

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