How To Use Intrinsic Motivation in the Office

November 30, 2020

Those in office management understand that most people want to do a good job and take pride in what they do. This type of employee wants to be highly thought of and produce quality work. Intrinsic motivators can be some of the most compelling reasons why individuals choose to work in the medical field. Let’s examine ways to take advantage of intrinsic motivation in a medical office.

Get rid of preconceived ideas about motivation

According to Daniel Pink, a well-known author and speaker about motivation, the common tendency is to think of motivation as either based on fear or excitement. Many people are motivated by the fear of failure, disappointing others, or punishment. As well, just about everyone appears to work harder when excited by the promise of a reward, either in the form of a compliment or a bonus. While these things may be true, though, they are not necessarily the primary reasons for people’s actions. 

Discover what truly motivates your staff members

When office management is aware of the primary reasons employees are motivated, managers can both help staff members to thrive and encourage them to be more productive. This in turn can enhance the patient experience. Here are three main intrinsic motivators to consider.

The ability to self-manage

This can be a struggle for many management teams, because the traditional office system requires employees to comply with orders and dutifully complete tasks without question. However, allowing staff members to self-direct can be an excellent way to get them more engaged in their work. It can also open the door for them to present thoughts or ideas related to the job and the improvement of related processes or programs. It is critical to find a balance between assigning tasks and allowing employees to suggest them. 

The desire for self-improvement

Progress and personal achievement can be incredible motivators. When people improve because they want to rather than because they are told to, the results come much faster and last much longer. The trick with implementing this type of motivator is to assign tasks that are not too difficult but go beyond the basics of what is commonly performed by the employee. 

The desire to connect with a bigger cause

Most people want to do things that make a difference or leave a lasting impression. Menial tasks tend to be a disincentive or deterrence to job satisfaction. Because the bulk of an employee’s daytime hours are typically spent at work, it can be much more motivating when that work matters in a meaningful way. A key way to introduce this in a medical office is to clearly communicate the goals, values, and mission of the company. Understanding how their role within the office matters can allow employees to feel they are contributing to the greater good. 

Motivate your office

Tapping into the intrinsic motivators of your medical office staff can help employees get more enjoyment out of their jobs, increase productivity, and even improve the patient experience. At Doctor Genius, we understand how critical it is to care for both patients and staff members. Recommending office best practices is just one of the ways we can partner with you to make your office a desired destination for employees and patients alike. Let’s improve together

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