How To Make Word-of-Mouth Marketing Work for Your Medical Practice

July 08, 2021

While digital marketing has taken over print advertising, it is not the only way to boost business. Word-of-mouth marketing is still an effective and critical way new clients find your office. The effort to capture new client leads should start in the office with current ones. How does a medical practice encourage clients to spread the word? Utilize one or all of these ideas to get current clients to lift patient marketing for your practice.

Providing exceptional service

According to, the patient experience must take center stage in driving positive reviews. The practice should meet and exceed client expectations. Providing current clients with exceptional service both in and out of the exam room is critical. Without it, current patients will certainly not agree to refer friends and family to the practice.

Getting patients to market your practice

There are a few ways you can encourage clients to drive business to the practice. Aside from politely requesting their assistance, the practice can encourage positive talk using other more subtle techniques.

Create a welcoming environment

The senses influence how people feel and react to the environment. If something looks and smells pleasant, it will leave a positive and lasting impression. Creating a warm environment throughout the practice is one way to encourage clients to talk up the practice.

The lobby is one place that makes an impact on people. Providing comfortable sitting areas and pleasing decor can help calm restless clients. Neutral but pleasant smells such as lavender help to create a relaxing space. Extend the warmth back to the exam area so clients continue to feel relaxed.

Have an open-door policy

New clients want to have the ability to ask questions and get answers. Creating an open-door policy, both in-office and online, can serve your marketing efforts well. For instance, patient portals can allow those clients who have questions before and after an appointment to get in touch with appropriate staff quickly and without placing a call.

With digital technology continuing to grow, online patient activity is crucial in advocating for your practice. Offer new clients a free consult in the office or, if preferred, via a virtual visit. When the clients feel like their needs are being met and questions are being addressed fully, they are more likely to tell others about the practice.

Create a referral program

Reward programs are an excellent tool for patient marketing. Creating a medical practice loyalty program may offer clients the nudge to tell friends and family about the practice. A tiered system where prizes, money, or future treatments reward current patients encourages word-of-mouth and social media marketing. Ask patients to write a review to be entered in a monthly drawing for prizes. These methods work in creating positive reviews online and in person.

Doctor Genius can help

Medical marketing may seem overwhelming. With tough competition on every corner, the way you choose to present your practice charts a course for retention and growth. Encouraging current clients to do some of that work may come down to creating the right mix of service, office environment, digital portal, and incentives. Call 1-877-477-2311 to chat with us and get your practice on the path to the best year yet.

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