How To Improve the Patient Experience

April 29, 2021

The most vital element in your practice is patient retention. Providing services that enhance the patient experience helps keep current clients and even furthers growth by capturing new ones. What can a practice do to enhance the patient experience now? In this ever-evolving digital world, shifting strategies to improve your practice’s online presence is a crucial step Doctor Genius can help with.

Make a good first impression

When clients walk into the lobby of a medical provider, they want to feel welcomed. However, the patient experience starts well before that first step into an office. These days, potential clients begin by searching through the lists of practices online. They study reviews, scroll through practice websites, and read blog posts. As such, improving the likelihood of landing clients and retaining them may have more to do with the digital services and experience a practice provides.

Improve the practice’s online presence

The internet provides seemingly endless amounts of information on any and all topics. It has become important for medical providers to improve search results rankings, and the factors behind the patient experience can impact analytics, as outlined by This calls for creating a strong online presence that provides potential clients with information on the practice and insight into conditions and treatments. 

Schedule appointments and send reminders

Calling to schedule an appointment may be the traditional way clients get on the calendar. However, online scheduling is becoming a more popular option for both providers and clients. Looking at a calendar and choosing a slot appeals to patients. Sending scheduling and testing reminders via email and text message is also growing in popularity.

Create engaging website content

Attracting patients to your practice is essential to its success and growth. The website should provide information such as:

  • Photos of the office and treatment areas
  • A comprehensive list of services
  • Biographies on providers and staff

For purposes of getting potential clients on the books, the website should also contain a blog. This is becoming an essential way medical providers can provide information to help attract page views. Content posted should be engaging, creative, and relevant to the practice. It should also provide accurate and helpful information that anyone can refer to for help with a particular need.

Virtual services

Part of enhancing the patient experience is providing virtual visits. Now more than ever, people prefer to do many things online. A virtual consultation gives new clients insight into your practice without them coming into the office. Ultimately, most treatment plans must be administered at the facility, but getting some of the administrative and consultative portions done through the practice’s website can increase patient satisfaction.

Get help from Doctor Genius!

Fortunately, the staff at Doctor Genius has created virtual tools to help boost your practice’s success. If you are looking for a way to increase client satisfaction and retention, the Doctor Genius Px, Patient Experience Package may be just what is needed. Contact one of our valuable team members at 1-877-477-2311. The treasure trove of virtual tools available through this and other packages we offer can help enhance the patient experience on many levels.

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