How Teledentistry Can Improve Your Practice

May 03, 2021

If your practice has yet to implement teledentistry, there is no better time to start. From improving the access to care for underserved populations to making health care more convenient for patients, there are countless benefits to this mode of care. As you know, where there are benefits for patients, there are equally enticing benefits for providers.

Telemedicine is more than just a passing fad

In recent years, telemedicine has slowly gained in popularity. However, within the first few months of 2020, patient adoption soared by 33% over the previous year. By mid-year, nearly 71% of survey respondents said they would “consider telemedicine,” while more than half had already gone through with a virtual appointment.

While you, like many, may assume that digital health care appointments are just a passing fad, you would be wrong. According to survey results, as many as 83% of patients said they anticipate booking a virtual consultation and using telemedicine in the future.

An overview of teledentistry

Teledentistry is just like telemedicine, only instead of patients seeking diagnoses or treatment advice for general medical concerns, they seek advice for diagnoses and advice for oral health concerns. Teledentistry utilizes communications technology through which individuals can connect with local dental professionals from the comfort of their own homes. While virtual appointments will never replace in-person visits, they can help modernize a practice and improve the patient experience in a number of ways.

Make dental care convenient

According to a consumer health care report, approximately 80% of individuals said that “convenience” greatly influences their decision to work with a provider. Virtual consultations and contactless visits are far more convenient than in-person visits, as patients can follow through with them without leaving their homes or office. Moreover, patients can complete all requirements — from filling out paperwork to booking appointments to showing up — all through a single online portal and with just a couple of clicks. Though using paperless patient information forms is a step in the right direction, you should also consider implementing a full-blown teledentistry option fo maximize client convenience.

Expand access to care

For individuals in rural and out-of-network areas, accessing dental care is difficult, as there are few, if any, available providers. Teledentistry increases providers’ reach and expands access to care to underserved populations. This benefits both providers, as it creates the opportunity to serve more patients, and patients, as it gives them the tools they need to improve oral health outcomes.

Improve office efficiency

According to reports from the Medical Group Management Association, top-performing practices utilize telehealth technology. With teledentistry software, your practice can streamline administrative functions, automate time-consuming tasks (such as booking appointments, sending reminders, and following up), dedicate more resources to patient care, and improve the patient experience. Studies also show that when granted access to telemedicine, patients are more likely to pay their bills on time.

Implement teledentistry today

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