How To Build Out Site Architecture

October 14, 2020

Building a successful and beneficial website, both for your business and clients, requires more than an appealing visual layout. Too often, businesses focus on how a site looks when they should construct it with search engine optimization and information flow in mind. By building your website with clientele needs and SEO keywords as the driving point, you are more likely to attract a larger target audience.

Steps to successfully build site architecture

Site architecture refers to every aspect of your website, including the smallest details that most visitors will not even see: design, layout, easy-to-read content, social media links, contact information, email list sign-ups, etc. Before jumping into design, start by identifying your goals and your customers. What do you want people to discover when landing on your homepage? What kind of visitors do you want your site to attract? Once you have defined these measures, you are ready to work on the following steps for building out your site architecture.

Find your keywords

Keywords are the essential tool customers use to find websites that are relevant to an online search. By incorporating the most commonly used keywords into your site, it is more likely to rank higher on the list of results. Consider using tools like Keyword Discovery or Wordtracker to explore keywords that fit your business and audience. Research the competitiveness of each keyword (how often it is used by others in your business), the frequency that each word or phrase is typed into search engines, and the specificity of them (if they are broad terms for customers beginning a search or specific terms for those who are looking for an exact product).

Create a site map

A site map is made up of the layers within your website that generate a natural flow of information and link one page to the next. The map is usually designed based on a hierarchical structure, with categories, tags, and backlinks that separate out information in a logical order. The map should be easy to navigate so that a visitor can quickly find the information they are looking for.

Focus on aesthetics

Now it is time to focus on your website’s appearance and how well it functions for your audience. This is just as important as establishing keywords and a site map since this is the part the customer actually pays attention to. A website that is confusing to navigate or lacks a clear, concise message on the landing page is more likely to lose viewers quickly. Use headlines and a short blurb at the top of your homepage to inform people about your business and guide visitors toward relevant information. Pictures can help break up text and make a page easier to read.

Discover more ways to improve site architecture

Building a website right the first time is essential to establish a loyal customer base and grow your business. To learn more about site architecture, SEO keywords, site maps, and aesthetic appeal, contact us and start improving your website today.

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