How Lists Help in On-Demand Economy

September 24, 2020

According to Business Insider, the on-demand economy is one driven by intuitive digital technology and the internet, created to fulfill consumer demand through the immediate provisioning of goods and services. Until recently, many thought the on-demand economy would be a passing trend, directed toward the young and wealthy. However, recent data shows that is far from the case, with 30% of on-demand consumers being between the ages of 35 and 54, and another 22% age 55 and older.

As to be expected, the largest sector of the on-demand economy is online marketplaces. This is followed by transportation, with food and grocery coming in third. As a health care practitioner, you may assume you are not a part of this, but you would be wrong. On-demand health and beauty services account for $8.1 billion in consumer spending each year, and analysts anticipate spending will only grow with time. It is important that you adapt your content marketing strategy to accommodate this change and appeal to the on-demand market.

The power of listicles

While a strong content marketing strategy utilizes a variety of content types, consumers respond particularly well to lists and bullet points. The most popular women’s magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Redbook, and Good Housekeeping have included listicles for decades.

Listicles appeal to consumers’ need to lump things into round-numbered groups, a tendency that marketing scholars Robert M. Schindler and Mathew S. Isaac refer to as the “top 10 effect.” According to the scholars, by lumping items into rounded numbered groups, such as “Top 10,” or “20 Best,” it becomes easier for consumers to process mass amounts of information quickly. Not only that, but it also helps them to make what they deem “more informed decisions” quickly.

For instance, when a list details the “Top 10 On-Demand Health Care Services,” the 10 items within the list get particular notice. Consumers tend to consider other services that do not make the cut as “inferior.” This is true even of services that come in at number 11, even if the cause of that ranking is minimal or unknown. The impression most people get when viewing such a list is that if an item does not rank in the top 10, it is a level down.

What this means for your practice

According to Digital Journal, 30% of blog posts are lists, suggesting that you cannot go wrong with this format. In addition to aspiring to be a part of a Top 10 list by leveraging technology, you should create lists of your own. At Doctor Genius, listicles are one of our go-to content formats for driving engagement and guiding readers through the sales cycle. On behalf of our clients, we create lists on everything from the top dental restoration procedures to ways patients can improve heart health to the benefits of clear braces.

Leverage listicles to boost your rankings

At Doctor Genius, we are familiar with the most effective strategies for marketing health care and dental practices online. While we believe in the power of listicles, we also know that a tailored approach is key to driving user engagement and truly connecting with current and potential patients. To learn more about our custom approach and packages, call us today.

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