How Does Google Determine Authority in Search Results?

November 11, 2021

Authority plays a major role in the success of your website. Google uses it to determine the value of your site and how it ranks in search engine results. As a result, authority should be an important part of your SEO strategy. To build your website’s authority, you need to understand how Google measures it and factors that can improve it.    

What is authority?

In a nutshell, authority refers to a website’s reliability, credibility, popularity, and engagement. This is often a cyclical analysis that is hard to break into. The more authority you have, the more online users you are likely to reach through Google, and so the more authority you gain. Therefore, constantly producing quality content that provides insightful and reliable information is key when you are starting out. If Google does not think your site has much authority from the start, it will not give you a high SEO ranking.

How can you improve a website’s authority?

Authority can be measured by multiple facets. Google frequently uses backlinks to determine a website’s credibility. Other sites backlink to your content because they find it useful and credible, thereby proving the importance of quality content. Quality, backlinks, age, and usability all affect each other, and improving one can often boost another.

Publish quality content

Quality content establishes trust with readers, which in turn brings more traffic to your site. Make sure that your content is useful (for example, answering popular questions or addressing common issues) and applicable to your business. In addition to publishing content on your own website, network with authoritative websites by being a guest writer. Sites usually include links back to the guest writer’s own site, which helps you with the next way to improve your authority: backlinking.

Include backlinks to sites with authority

Backlinking (simply including links in your content to other websites) is key for good authority. To make vast improvements, link to sites that already have solid authority. By forging a connection between your site and one of authority, you increase your own chances of success.

Create an established base

Older websites tend to rank better on Google. These sites have had more time to build up credibility, establish backlinks to and from other websites, and garner a larger audience. If you are a new business, it naturally takes time to generate content and create a solid foundation of authority. As long as you keep publishing quality work and including backlinks, you are investing in your website’s long-term success.

Make a user-friendly site

No one likes to struggle to find information on a website. Menus and links should make it easy for visitors to get to the information they want quickly. Make sure your website is engaging but simple and that navigation is a breeze. A website that is difficult to use can discourage visitors from staying longer, which negatively impacts your SEO.

Discover more effective SEO strategies

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