How Doctors Can Encourage Positive Word-of-Mouth and Reviews

September 14, 2023

In spite of all of the resources available to a medical marketing agency, few things can rival positive word-of-mouth marketing generated by an exceptional patient experience. In many cases, the results of word-of-mouth marketing can be as much as five times more successful than a paid media impression.

Change the narrative

For practitioners looking to gain an edge in this area, following some practical tips can generate more excitement and engagement with their practice. These are easy to implement and can significantly change the direction of the narrative created about your medical practice.

Create a focus on patient services

The size of a practice or the scope of treatments offered is not the primary focal point of a patient’s experience. The key to a good review and consistent word-of-mouth recommendations is patient service. Patients who are disgruntled with the way scheduling was done, how complaints were handled, the wait times, and the attitudes of both staff and providers will be sure to spread the news about the poor experience. Every area of operations should be evaluated, with the right practices put in place regardless of the size of your office.

Develop a simple communication system

Patients who feel there is a lot lacking in the communication department will often develop a negative perception of the overall practice. Communication should be easy and straightforward. Long waits on hold, voicemails left unreturned, or emails with no reply are the tip of the communication problems. Patients want their voices heard, and that means developing a communication approach that is always listening and responsive.

Prioritize cleanliness and professionalism

Patients who will spread a positive word about a health care provider need to be impressed by more than the physician. The office property and building should be impeccably clean, inviting, and organized. A patient’s impression develops in the parking lot. However, your digital presence should be as organized, engaging, and clean as the physical office environment. Digital services can be left to the agency you have hired to handle your patient marketing plans, but you and the staff need to prioritize how the physical location appears to patients if you want to succeed in word-of-mouth marketing.

Use some subtle peer pressure

You can encourage patients to engage in positive word-of-mouth marketing for your office by prominently displaying reviews or testimonials from your satisfied patients. This means you will need to ask for favorable testimonials and make them public. Social media channels are an excellent way to share recordings of patient interviews, but you can also ask for positive reviews or mentions in a tweet or post that can be re-shared. Making these reviews visible to other patients and to prospective ones enforces the positive image of your practice, but it also compels others to share their own favorable experiences.

Connect with a professional ally

At Doctor Genius, it is our goal to help develop a positive perception of your business. Our services in digital marketing and office management all promote a favorable patient experience and one that is worth a mention to friends and family. Contact our team to find out how our customized plan can enhance your word-of-mouth marketing efforts and encourage growth.

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