Nicole Turley

February 15, 2024

Doctor Genius PX Practice Promoter: Embracing digital word-of-mouth

February 15, 2024

The PX Practice Promoter helps medical and dental practitioners boost their online reputations while making their patients feel heard. As a component that comes with our Patient Experience Suite, the Practice Promoter facilitates patient feedback and encourages patients to share their positive experiences. This translates to a greater connection and trust between patient and provider, as well as a stronger online reputation, drawing new patients to your practice.

Digital reviews are quickly replacing traditional word-of-mouth as the leading way patients evaluate healthcare practitioners. Therefore, online reviews are crucial for a practice’s reputation and SEO. However, not all patients with positive experiences will leave reviews unless practices make it easy for them to do so.

PX Practice Promoter makes it easier for patients to share their positive feedback. Not only can it increase the number of favorable reviews, but also it will let your patients know that you care about what they have to say. Because the Practice Promoter offers the same top-level customer support and user-friendly interface as all of Doctor Genius’s solutions, your staff will appreciate it, too.

The significance of online reviews

Digital reviews are the new word-of-mouth when it comes to finding a doctor or dentist. According to a recent issue of Medical Economics, 75% of patients turn to reviews as their first step in finding a new doctor. This is a significant increase from earlier years, and this trend is only expected to continue. 

Though patients rely heavily on these reviews, they do not always leave them, even if they have a positive experience. The reasons for this are varied. A leading one is that patients lead busy lives, and online reviews are not likely to be at the top of their urgent to-do list. In addition, it may only cross a patient’s mind to leave a review or give feedback if asked to do so. That’s why it’s important to provide a non-intrusive reminder system to promote their feedback. 

How some practices fall short

Despite the clear advantage of online reviews, a significant number of providers have few or no online reviews. In fact, a 2020 report by the American Hospital Association (AHA) found a surprising 50% of healthcare facilities and 65% of physicians had zero reviews online. With most patients using online reviews to select a provider, these practices are likely missing out on hundreds of new patients. 

Given that patients are more likely to leave reviews when it is suggested, the solution to this problem seems simple. Providers should inform patients that if they would like to talk about their service, they are welcome to leave a review and then suggest where patients can go to write one. This impartiality in providing patients with the resources to submit honest reviews is looked on favorably by Google as well as potential patients. 

Introducing the PX Practice Promoter 

Doctor Genius knows how critical online reviews are to practice success. That is why, with PX Practice Promoter, we have created an easy and automated way for healthcare providers to ask for feedback and encourage patients to leave online reviews. Patients receive automated feedback requests by SMS or email a day after their appointments.

Each request thanks patients for choosing the practice, letting them know that their feedback matters, and providing a clickable link that makes sharing their experiences easy in just minutes. In addition, this solution is customizable. Clients can have these requests automatically sent to each patient or choose which patients receive them. 

This solution provides another important feature that helps build patient trust and drive traffic toward a practice’s positive reviews. It allows practices to provide links to reviews through patient correspondence, such as appointment confirmations and reminders. The default options are Yelp and Google Business Profile. However, practices can also choose Facebook, Health Grades, Vitals, or RateMDs. 

How PX Practice Promoter helps practices

Reviews are signals to potential new patients that a practice can be trusted. Even a negative review, if responded to promptly and appropriately, can be used to build trust with potential patients. Patients respond well when businesses acknowledge an issue and make attempts to remedy it. In addition, reviews boost SEO by driving traffic from third-party sites that often end up toward the top of search results. According to a recent study by Semrush, customer reviews are a vital component of local SEO strategy, with customer reviews found to be a key factor in getting into the top three search results. 

The PX Practice Promoter integrates into over 400 practice management software systems. Because it is easy to use and customizable, this solution is an ideal fit for practices looking to retain patients long-term. Also, with our knowledgeable customer support and simple and intuitive user interface, practice team members can quickly learn how to operate it.

PX Practice Promoter in action

The PX Practice promoter offers two ways to request reviews. Providers can choose to send these requests by email or SMS to patients individually. Another option is to have them sent automatically the day after an attended appointment. 

Post Appointment Review Request

Either way, the patient receives a personalized note thanking providers for choosing the practice. This is followed by a sincere request for feedback showing a practice’s commitment to serving its patients better.

Immediate insight

PX Practice Promoter benefits patients

Choosing a healthcare provider among the many choices in today’s market can be difficult for prospective patients. By providing these patients with online reviews, you are helping them make a choice they can feel good about. Patients can feel a sense of ease with their new provider before they even walk in the office doors. 

For existing patients, the PX Practice Promoter strengthens the provider and patient bond by making patients feel listened to. By actively seeking to engage with patients, promptly thanking them for their business, and asking about their experience, practices show they are dedicated to meeting the needs of their patients and willing to make changes to enhance the experience. When patients feel listened to by their doctors, it creates a level of trust that can help support better health outcomes. 

Building online reputations and patient trust

Few things are more important than trust between provider and patient, and in the digital age, building this trust begins online. Let us help you put your best foot forward online, strengthen your connection with patients, and draw new patients to your practice. To learn more about how our PX Practice Promoter and other digital solutions can help take your practice to the next level, call one of our representatives today. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why does it help to suggest patients leave reviews after an appointment?

When you ask a patient about their experience with your practice, you are demonstrating a desire to make sure their experience was positive and to learn how you can better serve patients in the future. Studies show that most consumers will review a business if asked to do so. It helps to send a review reminder shortly after the appointment while the experience is still fresh in their mind. 

What influences patients to leave a positive review?

Healthcare practices can influence positive reviews by providing quality patient care and showing true dedication to their patients. Asking how they can improve patient care and making an effort to resolve bad experiences is also looked on favorably. According to a recent Brightlocal survey, 81% of consumers said they would leave a positive review if they felt the business went “above and beyond” to ensure a positive experience. The same survey found that 79% said they would leave a positive review if the business turned an initially negative experience into a positive one. 

What about negative reviews?

Most of your reviews are likely to be positive if your practice provides quality patient care. When asking for feedback, there is always a risk of it being negative. The occasional negative review is almost unavoidable. However, the average patient knows this and tends to look at a practice’s overall performance. Also, it is possible to mitigate negative reviews if a practice recognizes them and responds appropriately. Potential patients tend to see a practice in a better light if they respond professionally to negative feedback and illustrate a desire to make things right.  

Does the Practice Promoter offer any features to help mitigate negative feedback?

Since patients highly respect a true desire to make up for a negative experience, this solution takes this into consideration. We have created the filtering process, also known as the “refer” question. If a patient selects that they would not refer someone to the practice, a comment box opens immediately, asking how the practice can improve its services.

Will the PX Practice Promoter work with my practice management software?

Most likely, yes. The PX Practice Promoter integrates directly into your PMS. This solution is part of our Patient Experience Suite and supports over 400 practice management software integrations. 

What if I do not want to automatically send a review request to all patients?

The PX Practice Promoter provides the option to generate feedback requests automatically a day after an appointment. However, we realize this particular automation does not work for every practice. Therefore, you have the option of turning off this feature and sending out reviews manually from the PX Practice Promoter by email or SMS. If you decide to switch back to automated review requests, you can activate this feature at any time. 

How does automated review generation work?

Campaign Configurations automatically generates a review email that pops up when the patient makes or changes an appointment. Providers can choose between Yelp, Google Business Profile, Facebook, Health Grades, Vitals, and RateMDs, and the review links will automatically appear as a default setting. Yelp and Google Business Profile will use the default profile links associated with this account if they are left blank. Providers can also create a custom message for their review links. These settings can be changed at any time under Patient Experience.

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