Do PPC Campaigns Help a Website Rank Higher?

January 31, 2022

Although some companies may wish they could pay Google to increase their rankings, many others are relieved this isn’t possible. However, there are many other ways to improve your practice’s ranking on Google. One way is through pay-per-click campaigns. As you look to invest time and money into online marketing, a PPC campaign is one to consider.

How PPC ads improve website ranking

These are just a few ways this type of ad campaign can promote your practice and help you rank higher on search engine results.

They run at the top of search results

These are the ads that pop up first or at the top when people conduct online searches. Even if your website is further down in the results, you can become more visible and accessible to searchers with a PPC ad. When more people follow the ad to visit your website, the search engines take note of the increased traffic and rank the website higher. 

You can combine them with SEO to maximize search results real estate

Even if your practice’s website is towards the top of search results, having a PPC ad up there gives searchers two opportunities to visit your site instead of just one. There are searchers who click on the PPC ads as well as those who prefer to scroll down to the organic listings. Having both increases the odds of attracting visitors, which improves your website’s ranking. 

These ads allow for more accurate targeting of keywords

Unlike SEO that can take a while to yield results, Forbes points out the impact of a PPC campaign can be felt immediately. You know in real-time which keywords are attracting visitors and which ones are being ignored. This allows you to make your SEO targeting more effective and drive website traffic to push your site up in the rankings. 

You can use them to create brand awareness

Even when people click on your ad but then leave without taking action, simply seeing the PPC ad increases awareness of your practice. The next time that person is in need of a product or service you offer, they will likely remember you and choose your website over others. This helps grow your pool of potential patients as well as boosts your website’s ranking. 

PPC ads generate local leads

When people do a local search, the local PPC campaigns are the first thing to pop up. A staggering number of local searches are done on a mobile device, where the PPC ads fill most of the screen. This encourages users to click on one of these ads rather than scroll down to the organic results. As your local following increases, so can the ranking of your website.

Make your marketing dollars more effective

Designing and executing a marketing campaign comes with a price tag. The team at Doctor Genius knows just how critical it is to make sure that time and money are put to good use. That is one of the main reasons why we focus on marketing solutions. For more advice on marketing spending, read Talk to a trained member of our team today and find out how we can make every marketing dollar count with PPC campaigns and SEO strategy. 

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