Barnacle SEO: Linking to Google vs. Yelp

December 03, 2020

Barnacle SEO refers to the practice of leveraging the authority of top-ranking websites to increase your brand’s ability to rank for the most competitive keywords. It differs from traditional SEO in that you do not optimize your website for these key terms but rather optimize the authoritative site for them. Here is why you would want to do this.

The Concept Behind Barnacle SEO

Barnacle SEO is a term to describe a relationship similar to one that occurs in the natural world. In nature, barnacles will attach themselves to a moving object, such as a whale, so that they may drift along with the whale through the current and catch whatever nutrients come by. In turn, the barnacles provide the whale with something akin to a suit of armor. This concept works the same regarding big and small websites.

Using Other Sites To Improving Ranking

On its own, a small website has little to no chance of ranking for the industry’s most competitive key terms. It would be a significant drain on one’s resources to try to. Fortunately, sites are available that easily rank for those keywords that one can attach their brand’s name to benefit from their authority. Two of the biggest “whales,” so to speak, are Google and Yelp. However, there are other useful sites to which a brand can attach their name to. Some of these sites can serve a practice better than Google or Yelp. For instance, health practitioners may also want to look into niche sites like Vitals and Healthgrades.

A Google Business Profile

A Google Business Profile is vital for SEO since it helps gain search engine visibility and gives businesses a better chance of appearing in local Google Search results and Google Maps. A Google My Business account allows one to claim ownership of their Business Profile and make changes to it. Making changes and updating information to ensure it is accurate creates an optimized profile that helps it rank for local and competitive keywords.

Yelp Matters

As the largest local review site next to Google+ Local, Yelp matters a lot. Yelp pages often show up at the top of Google for even generic terms like doctor, dentist, and chiropractor. Yelp results also feature ratings, which heavily influence conversions. The site also influences Google and Bing behind the scenes, meaning that a strong Yelp profile with many reviews can cause either of the search engines to show a profile before others.

Supporting Your Barnacle SEO Efforts

Google and Yelp can support your barnacle SEO efforts in unique ways. Google can boost your local SEO, while Yelp can influence search engines and consumers. Our SEO professionals at Doctor Genius can help you build up your profiles on both sites. Call us if you are interested in learning more about how we can serve your digital marketing needs.

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