Attention Dentists: 3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Patient Experience

September 30, 2021

Getting new patients to step through the door of your dental office is only the first step of the process. Once you capture someone’s attention and convince them to make an appointment, giving them a great patient experience is key for establishing the relationship and creating a lifelong client.

Ensuring patients have a good experience

As you examine opportunities to make every interaction with your patients positive and convenient, both in person and online, here are three changes you can make.

1. Streamline the appointment-making process

Convenience is a major factor that patients consider when making an appointment. Regardless of the quality of care, difficulties scheduling an appointment can cause people to give up the process completely or seek services elsewhere. While there will always be people who choose to pick up the phone and speak with someone to make an appointment, others prefer the ease of online scheduling.

Take time to review your website’s current online patient experience. It should be simple for visitors to find the contact form, location details, appointment request forms, and patient portals. Setting up automated appointment reminders is convenient for the patient and makes it less likely that someone will forget about and miss an appointment.

2. Revamp the waiting room

If your waiting room is lacking in entertainment, consider making upgrades to keep patients comfortable and content while waiting for an appointment. Offer Wi-Fi for patients to connect to on mobile devices, and place TVs in the area, making sure the volume is not too low or high.

If children are frequently in your office, have an area designated for parents with kids. This spot can include a small library with children’s books, a few toys, and cartoons. Many kid-friendly offices incorporate tablets and digital activities to keep older kids occupied.

3. Send out patient surveys

Unfortunately, there will invariably be patients who are unhappy with an experience at your office. While some situations may be out of your control, it is important your staff is aware of any improvements that can be made. Sending out patient satisfaction surveys after every appointment gives everyone who visits your dental office the chance to voice their feedback, whether positive or negative.

An added benefit of incorporating surveys into your methodology is that patients are less likely to leave negative reviews on Google or social media. It is also easy to manage feedback and respond to people directly about a bad experience. Additionally, if permission is given, positive feedback can be used for future testimonials on your website or marketing avenues.

Retain your patients

At Doctor Genius, we understand that your dental office’s success does not end with a successful marketing campaign. A user-friendly website, strong social media campaign, and great patient experience are all essential for increasing patient retention and keeping patients satisfied. Reach out to us at 1-877-477-3211 to find out more about our packages today. Learn how can help you bring new patients in the door and continue to treat them for years to come.

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