4 Tools for Managing Your Medical Practice’s Online Reputation

September 23, 2021

In a society where an increasing number of people use search engines to find a health care professional, establishing excellent online medical PR is critical. The online reputation of your practice can play a large part in determining its success and growth rate. Here are some reasons to pay attention to what patients are saying about you on the internet.

Why awareness of your online reputation is important

When you are monitoring comments from previous patients, you can respond in a timely manner. According to Forbes, a prompt response can not only prevent patient situations from escalating but also provide a visible example to others viewing the comments that you care enough about the patient experience at your practice to resolve issues quickly and satisfactorily. How you handle negative feedback can speak volumes to potential patients. In addition, monitoring comments can make you aware of your online reputation and allow you to improve your marketing to patients online.

Online tools to help you easily manage the online reputation of your practice

Regardless of which specialty or type of medicine you practice, these tools can help you take control of your online reputation.

Google Alerts

Aside from being completely free, Google Alerts is easy to use. The results include times when your practice is mentioned in a blog or news article, not just social media sites. Google also sends you email notifications with each occurrence. You can choose to be notified every time your practice is mentioned, once daily or once weekly. 

Social Mention

Not only does Social Mention let you know when your practice is talked about online, but it also measures the following brand reputation statistics:

  • Sentiments: The ratio of negative to positive comments
  • Reach: How many unique authors mention or write about your practice 
  • Strength: How frequently your practice is mentioned on social media
  • Passion: How likely the people who mention your practice are to continue to talk about it

Because this tool monitors over 80 websites, the results are a good representation of your overall online reputation and not just what people say about your practice on a couple of social media sites. It is also free!


If you want to see both what people are saying about your practice as well as other practices in the area, Chatmeter is a wonderful tool to see how you compare to the competition. It is also helpful if you have multiple locations or brands because creating a new profile on one listing’s site will automatically update your listing on other sites with the current information. 

Reputation Health

Designed specifically for the medical industry, this tool monitors 23 medical review sites such as HealthGrades, Vitals, DrScore, and UcompareHealthcare. It combines online reviews and mentions of your practice and provides alerts. 

Create an online reputation to be proud of

So many factors go into online marketing, of which medical practice ranking and online reputation are paramount. That is why the team at Doctor Genius has marketing solutions specifically created to improve these two areas. Whether you need help with content marketing or your online reputation, we have a package that will address the individual needs of your practice. Reach out to our team today to take control of the online portion of your practice and grow your business. 

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