A Quick Guide for Getting Your Dental Practice Started With Google Ads

August 23, 2021

Some dental practices have yet to make Google AdWords a part of their dental marketing strategy. However, when used strategically, AdWords can be an affordable and invaluable marketing tool. From driving new patient acquisitions to positioning your practice before prospects at the exact time they are interested, paid ads can be a worthwhile investment for your practice.

Benefits of paid ads for dental practices

It is not uncommon for smaller dental practices to focus their dental SEO efforts almost exclusively on obtaining organic search engine rankings. While organic rankings can be the most sustainable, it can take months, if not years, to see consistent, revenue-producing results. In the meantime, those smaller practices can take advantage of other, more aggressive means of promotion, such as AdWords, which has a number of benefits:

  • Speed: Organic SEO can take months to produce substantial results. With AdWords, you may see results on the same day you publish an ad.
  • Targeting: Though dentist keyword research can help you narrow down your target audiences by pain points, AdWords does you one better and lets you interact with prospective patients at the exact moment they are ready to make an appointment.
  • Customization: With AdWords, you can tailor your ads to meet both the exact needs of your practice and the desires of your patients.

Another major benefit of AdWords is its cost-effectiveness. The average ROI on ads is 8:1, meaning you stand to receive $8 for every $1 you spend. The average cost-per-click in the health field is as low as $0.63, and of those people who click on ads, roughly 50% are likely to make the call.

Making Google AdWords an effective part of your dental marketing strategy

AdWords campaigns are not automatically successful. To yield the best results, there are a few best practices you should follow.

If you have one, connect your Google My Business and Ads accounts to make your location and contact info visible in search. If you do not already have a Google My Business account, create one.

Conduct dentist keyword research and use Google’s Keyword Planner. Optimize your landing pages with appropriate keywords and to appeal to visitors and encourage conversions. Take full advantage of AdWord’s tools to track campaign performance and make adjustments as necessary.

Elements of successful Google ads

Though you should strive to be unique in your marketing materials, successful dental Google Ads often follow a specific formula. For starters, each has an attention-grabbing headline that includes three key pieces of information: The dentist’s specialty, location, and the main selling point. Each ad speaks directly to the prospect’s wants and pain points, such as pain-free dentistry, convenience, affordability, flexibility, etc.  

Successful Google Ads are short and to the point. They target very specific keywords and rely on A/B testing. Finally, they are relevant to searcher intent, meaning the headline, ad copy, and the solution all solve whatever pain-points the searcher is experiencing.

Start building your campaign today

At Doctor Genius, we believe in the power of traditional SEO, but we also appreciate the immediate results afforded by Google Ads. For the guidance you need in creating your first AdWords campaign, call our team at 1-877-477-2311 today.

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