4 Ways To Improve the Satisfaction of Your Staff

November 17, 2020

Coming to work should be something employees look forward to — not something they dread — and an employer can improve their staff’s satisfaction by implementing new techniques and practices regularly throughout the office. According to a study done at ResearchGate, dental employees are getting burned out due to a disconnect between the demands and resources of the job and personal goals, skills, and abilities. Employers can turn this work exhaustion around through practice management that is fun, exciting, and different. Make your employees want to come to work with these methods.

The importance of making work fun

Employees who dread coming to work are far less likely to put full effort into the job. This not only affects everyone’s mental and physical health, but it can also negatively impact your business. Patients may notice when an employee seems lethargic or disinterested, and in an industry that is based heavily on in-person communication and personal connections, this can prevent patients from returning to your practice.

Ways to improve staff satisfaction

There are endless ways you can make work more enjoyable for employees and yourself. To get an idea of what will truly benefit your employees, ask around for ideas or run through suggestions. See what seems to click with them and what should be avoided. To get started, here are four methods that can improve work attitudes and rejuvenate the office atmosphere.  

1. Focus on communication

Communication is key regardless of what industry you work in, and there are specific aspects that you can focus on to positively impact your employees. For example, simply showing appreciation now and then for work efforts can boost your team’s confidence. Prioritizing organization can make sure that everyone understands what is going on in the office and prevents frustration over miscommunications. Listening is a key part of communication, so when you ask your employees what can be fixed, show that you listened by actually addressing the problems.

2. Try flexible hours

Providing flexible work hours can demonstrate that you care about employees’ personal lives. If an important event or emergency arises, an employee with flexible hours can feel confident in changing the work schedule without the fear of being ostracized. This helps reduce the stresses of the work-life balance without shorting either.

3. Organize office-wide activities

Fun games, happy hour get-togethers after work, and charitable activities, such as volunteering for community service, can help everyone bond and learn to work effectively together. Team-building in other areas can help employees appreciate each other more back in the office. Social gatherings, such as throwing everyone a party at the end of the year to celebrate successes, allows people to connect on a personal level that does not involve work.

4. Improve the office space

Sometimes little changes are what people notice the most. Decorating the office for seasons or holidays can liven everyone’s day and break up the regular pace. Putting in plants, adding new furniture that optimizes the office’s workspace, and even providing food can energize everyone and increase office production.

Discover more great changes

Elevating employees e can benefit everyone who enters your medical practice, including both employees and patients. If you’re ready to take the next steps to effectively market your office and change the atmosphere for the better, contact us. We understand the importance of mental health in the workplace, and we can provide educational resources and marketing services to help you better serve patients. 

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