10 Reasons Your Practice Needs a Mobile Friendly Site

September 28, 2023

In today’s market, it is not enough to rely on a desktop site to attract new visitors and patients. When contemplating website design for doctors, you should strongly consider making a site that is mobile friendly. Although it typically involves extra design work to do so, the benefits can far outweigh any additional time or money required. 

10 reasons to make your practice website mobile friendly

Discover insights into the benefits of creating responsive web design and how it can help your practice grow. 

1. Reach people using mobile devices

The number of people using smart devices has jumped 74% in the last five years, and will only continue to rise, according to Statista. This generally translates into fewer people relying on desktops or computers to browse the internet, meaning if your site is not mobile friendly, it may not be visible to millions of people. 

2. Improve your SEO ranking in healthcare

Mobile devices use a different Google search algorithm, so having a mobile version of your site can help you rank higher on the results page. 

3. Remain competitive

Because many other healthcare facilities offer a mobile site, having one is a good way to show patients you are as current with technology as your competitors. 

4. Create a better patient experience

So many patients use their smart devices to search the internet that someone trying to find medical help will appreciate being able to locate your practice without having to find a desktop computer. 

5. Make it easier for patients to contact you

A patient viewing your page on a mobile device can quickly type in your number or perhaps even just tap a link to connect directly to your phone service.  

6. Take advantage of geo-targeting

Many people search for healthcare facilities in their area. A mobile site allows your practice to pop up in the results more easily when someone does a search in your vicinity. 

7. Improve visitor engagement

A responsive mobile site can encourage visitor engagement, which in turn helps create a better user experience and decreases bounce rates. 

8. Build credibility 

A practice with a mobile website may be perceived as more reliable, experienced, and knowledgeable than one still using a desktop site. 

9. Achieve a faster loading speed

Sites with both mobile and desktop formats typically load faster than those with only one format. Sites that load faster are more likely to keep visitors’ attention and encourage interaction. 

10. Allow your site to adapt to multiple screen sizes

Creating a responsive site allows for a seamless transition between devices. Someone viewing your website on a phone or tablet while out and about can switch to a desktop upon arriving at home without having to start the search process over again. 

Broaden your marketing horizons

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