Website Development Terms

Effective Date: October 26, 2018

Privacy Policy

Items that are included in building your website:

  • Power pages (Home Page, About Page, Patient Information Page, Contact Page)
  • Deployment of Doctor Genius service pages specific to client's offered services
  • Deployment of service pages specific to client request
  • Included: Migration of About page, Doctor/Staff Bios, Smile Gallery (up to 30 total before and after photos), Office Tour, and Reviews (up to 20 reviews).
  • Any additional pages requested to be migrated will be subject to a $49 fee per page or per 1,000 words
    • This means one page with 2,000 words will be billed at the rate of $98 ($49 per 1,000 words)
  • Swap up to 20 stock photos when Shutterstock ID # and specific photo location/page is provided
  • Personalize with colors, logo, and fonts as requested
  • Add unlimited staff photos and bios
  • Before and after gallery limit to 15 patients or 30 total before and after photos
  • A limit of 20 reviews
    • Client needs to provide a document containing review text
  • Up to eight (8) hours of development time allotted to fulfill the initial website order
  • Each round of revisions is up to eight (8) hours of development
  • Product tier determines how many rounds of revisions are included free of charge after the site is showcased to you

Additional work that extends beyond the items listed above will be subject to additional custom web development and incur other fees as outlined in contract. An estimate will be provided that defines the full scope of work and development hours for completion and must be approved by the customer.

Items that will need to be custom bid based on their complexity and the number of hours it will take to complete:

  • Migration of pages beyond the initial 18
  • Stock photo swaps beyond the initial 20
    • Re-designing existing functionality (Anything not within the current limits of our Framework)
    • Video in slider
    • New review widget
    • 'Make my site look like this other marketing company's'
    • Multi-level popups
  • Layout changes
  • Edit text, merging of multiple text documents or sources into a single page, and the creation of marketing text

Tasks that we do not do:

  • Migration of copywritten text, stock photos, and videos
  • Migration of the pages linked to in pages we scrape. If you have a product category overview page that links subordinate service pages, the subordinate pages will not be scraped if the product category page was included in the migration page list. For example, Cosmetic Dentistry Services is a product category page. It is likely to link to many services that are considered cosmetic. If the Cosmetic Dentistry Services page was selected as one of the 18 migrated pages, the subordinate pages that are for each individual service will not be migrated. They would need to be included as one of the 18 pages to be migrated to the new site.
  • Edit out watermarks in photos
  • Deploy the same photo to more that 3 service pages or blogs
  • Include more than 20 patient before and after photos in a gallery