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Review Request Automation

Stay ahead of the curve with technology that seamlessly gathers patient feedback so you can position your practice as a proactive and convenient solution for quality care.

PX: Reviews

Send Automated Review Requests to Patients

Our review request solution is an intuitive and streamlined experience for your team to gather feedback from your patients. This solution asks patients for feedback shortly after an appointment, empowering your practice to learn and improve over time.

PX: Reviews

Features & Benefits

How PX: Reviews benefits your patients and practice

PX: Reviews Messaging

Send secure review requests that meet HIPAA guidelines to ensure patient privacy and confidentiality.

PX: Reviews Treatment Plans

Allow patients to submit feedback through a streamlined interface that obtains information concisely and effectively.

PX: Reviews Coronavirus

View patient feedback within our system and make informed decisions about addressing patient needs going forward.

PX: Reviews Patient Care

Save patient and staff time with a review request solution that is seamless and efficient.

Patient-First Experience

Multiple Review Request Options

Review requests can be a set and forget option that automatically reaches out to patients after their appointment, but PX: Reviews also allows you to send these requests manually. Our system integrates directly with your Practice Management System, allowing you to easily search for a patient or appointment and request feedback from anyone at any time.

PX: Reviews

Stay Insightful

Support your patients and improve your practice

PX: Reviews is focused on empowering your team to deliver the best patient experience possible. By gathering and viewing patient feedback through an efficient and non-intrusive system, your practice will be equipped to provide quality care for your local community and better positioned to be successful and profitable.

PX: Reviews

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