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The Patient Experience Plan

PX: Engagement

Use smart and innovative technology to empower and inform patients through our automated appointment reminders and recall campaigns.

PX: Engagement Mobile
  • Digital Marketing SolutionsAppointment Reminders
  • Digital Marketing SolutionsAppointment Confirmations
  • Digital Marketing SolutionsAppointment Reschedule Request
  • Digital Marketing SolutionsPatient Recall Emails
  • Digital Marketing SolutionsPerformance Metrics
  • Digital Marketing SolutionsPMS Integration

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Practice Ai

PX: Reviews

Stay ahead of the curve with technology that seamlessly gathers patient feedback so you can position your practice as a proactive and convenient solution for quality care.

PX: Reviews Mobile
  • Digital Marketing SolutionsAutomated Review Requests
  • Digital Marketing SolutionsManual Review Requests by Patient or Appointment
  • Digital Marketing SolutionsDisplay of Patient Feedback
  • Digital Marketing SolutionsPMS Integration

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PX: Reviews