Your Social Media Should Not Be All About Selling

March 10, 2022

When it comes to medical marketing, many practices are unsure of how to make the most of social media platforms.  The success of marketing to patients online is primarily determined by the content used and knowing how to reach the target demographic with the right information to draw them to your practice. Unfortunately, many practices make the mistake of using too much content that is sales-oriented. Find out why this is problematic and what type of content is more likely to attract the right kind of patients.

Why too much sales content is not attractive to patients

People use social media for a different purpose than websites. While it may be acceptable to use your website to sell a product or service, attempting to do so on social media will most likely not deliver the desired results. This is largely because the purpose of social media is to form connections and create relationships, not sell things.

Companies and medical practices that make posts largely centered around selling something can be viewed as impersonal or consumerist, whether or not it is actually the case. According to SocialMediaToday, 80% of your social media content should be educational, informative, and interesting to your audience. Only 20% should be used to directly promote your practice or your brand. 

How to correctly frame social media content

There are many strategies for framing both information and sales content on your social media platforms so it all has the desired impact.

Posting informational content

One of the most important things to remember about social media posts is they need to be easy to share. This requires knowing what your target audience finds interesting that also supports the thinking and business practices you want to promote. When you post relevant information that agrees with the insights and ideas of influencers in your market, the odds of people sharing your posts increases, as do the odds of increasing your audience and growing your practice. 

A simple way to make sure your content is appealing is by reposting trending information from key influencers in your target audience. By following the right influencers, engaging with them to encourage them to share your content, and keeping your content interesting, you can increase your followers on social media exponentially. 

Posting brand content

When you do post about your brand, think of it like medical PR. Make it appealing by including a special offer or promotion, powerful statistics, or an interesting anecdote. Keep your brand voice and communication consistent to encourage brand recognition. It is also a good idea to include a strong call to action to persuade readers to find out more about your practice and how your services or products could benefit them. For more advice on how to reach patients through social media, see:

Boost your patient base with social media posts

With more businesses using social media, Doctor Genius knows how taking advantage of these platforms can give your practice a competitive edge. That’s why content marketing is a key component of the marketing solutions we offer. Speak with one of our trained team members today to learn more about our strategies and products. Let us help you build your brand and online presence to encourage patient acquisition and grow your practice. 

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