Why Google Reviews Can Be More Authentic Than Yelp

January 07, 2021

The number of reviews on Google far surpasses those on other local review sites. If you are looking to increase your practice’s online reviews to appeal to more patients, it is better to focus on Google reviews over Yelp reviews. Here are some reasons to concentrate your efforts on Google reviews.

A Better Way To Promote a Practice

According to BrightLocal, Google reviews can be the way to go when looking to improve SEO ranking. Using the right review platform can make marketing efforts as productive as possible. Reports from ReviewTrackers show 63.6% of people check Google reviews before choosing a business to visit. Putting more time into increasing reviews on other platforms may not receive a favorable investment return. As the average star rating on Google is notably higher than on Yelp, a business is more likely to benefit from a higher rating on Google than Yelp. 

Avoid the Negative Impact of Yelp

The ReviewTrackers report also notes that most people use filters when searching to eliminate any business with less than a four-star rating. Yelp may exclude one’s practice from search results before even being viewed since it has a lower average rating. In this case, the practice will be affected by a lack of visibility.

Encourage Patients To Leave Google Reviews

While not all reviewers will use Google, it can be beneficial to encourage patients to review one’s practice on the desired platform. Rather than use vague language when asking for a review, mention Google specifically. Most people tend to follow directions, and because Google is a widely popular platform as well as user-friendly, it should be simple for patients to leave a review on Google.

Add a Direct Link

Another tip is to add a website link that leads directly to the Google review form. This addition will make it easier for patients to leave reviews on that site instead of having to pull one up by themselves. Many practices send patients an email after treatment or procedures to ensure they are recovering well and are not experiencing any unexpected side effects. Asking specifically for a Google review and adding a direct link in this type of email can remind patients who may have forgotten to leave a Google review.

Draw Patients in With Positive Reviews

Our team at Doctor Genius knows how important it is to get good online reviews. Reviews can have a tremendous impact on your practice. We are here to help you with your online presence and digital marketingContact us and see how our marketing solutions can help your practice.

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