What You Can Do To Increase Authority

February 09, 2021

Establishing an authority medical site helps you bring in a steady flow of website visitors who are more likely to convert and make an appointment. To effectively strengthen your medical practice’s credibility and expertise in your field, focus your efforts on improving your site’s SEO and developing your brand both online and in the real world.

How to increase authority online

When talking about a company’s authority, it helps to think of this term as having a two-fold meaning. In one sense, the word “authority” indicates whether a medical practice is seen as a leader in its field that consumers can readily trust and rely on due to significant expertise and experience. However, in the world of digital marketing, companies are also concerned with website authority, which is closely connected with the site’s SEO.

SEO and website authority

One of the main factors search engines consider when producing the search engine results pages for a specific keyword or topic is how trustworthy and well-regarded each website is. The more credible and popular the site, the more likely it is to rank high on the SERP. While there is some level of obscurity even among experts on every feature search engines consider when determining these rankings, there are several factors every company should consider when first creating or enhancing a website:

  • Quality Content: While a polished website that neatly lists your practice’s services and contact location is a good start, creating high-quality, relevant content through blog posts and other information content can help guide qualified leads to your site and increase your overall authority for SEO.
  • Backlinks: Using backlinks to other websites in your content and in turn being linked to on others’ websites are another important way to boost authority. When link building, carefully monitor which sites link to your content. Sites that have low authority can actually hurt your website’s SEO and should be disavowed.
  • Reviews: Having a large number of positive reviews, especially those with well-crafted descriptions, can have a positive effect on potential patients and boost your SEO. For Google, make sure your Google My Business account is fully set up, and take time to review and respond to any reviews that are left.

How to increase real-world authority

While an authority medical site is more likely to rank higher on search engines, your practice’s authority extends beyond online presence. Make sure your business is well-branded and as clean and polished in person as it looks on your website. Strive to be a leader in your field, seeking opportunities to be innovative and to offer niche services that set you apart from the competition. Maintain open lines of communication and stay active on social media, taking care to address any questions and concerns from current and potential patients. Use opportunities as they present themselves to establish your expertise in your field of study, whether that means publishing content, creating instructional videos, or taking part in presentations.

Learn how digital marketing can help you increase authority

A quality website and strong digital marketing strategy are essential components of an authority medical site. Learn how we can help you build a new, high-performance website by calling us today. Find out how we can help, from enhancing your content marketing to maintaining a positive online reputation.

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