What Is Brand Value?

January 13, 2021

One of the areas many local medical practices could use help with is knowing the true worth of brand authority and brand value. The amount of trust patients have in your practice, as well as what your practice is worth financially, can have a large impact on its health and growth. Taking a closer look at these can improve both your practice and the experience of your patients. 

Different aspects of brand value

While Forbes defines brand value by how much the brand would be worth if it was sold, there is much more that goes into determining that number than just inventory on hand or what is in the bank account. Revenue can sharply increase or decrease based on aspects such as brand authority and brand equity.

Brand authority

The level of trust patients have in your practice, as well as the degree to which patients view your practice as providing expert care in your specific field, determines its brand authority. Because this can be very subjective, brand authority can fluctuate quickly. Cure a high-profile patient or master a difficult medical procedure, and your practice will typically earn more brand authority. Cause complications for a well-known patient or get involved in a medical malpractice case and your brand authority will generally plummet. 

Brand equity

The loyalty of your patients, who your practice is associated with, and how visible your practice is combine to form brand equity. Like brand authority, brand equity can shift quickly because it is subjective. Become associated with a popular medial foundation or heal the mayor, and your practice is likely to get more visibility, thus increasing patient loyalty and, subsequently, brand equity. 

The importance of brand value for patients 

A higher brand value can not only help increase the profitability of your practice, but also assist with improving patient relations. 

Increased patient loyalty

If the brand authority or brand value of your practice is low, patients tend to be warier about scheduling a procedure and can have negative expectations about their experience. In this case, it is easy for those expectations to become a self-fulfilling prophecy, even if nothing major goes wrong. When brand authority is high, patients are more likely to expect a positive experience at your practice. As long as these expectations are met, you have most likely created a patient for life.

Faster work in progress times

Have you ever looked at a stack of unpaid patient statements and wondered what you could do to encourage a faster work in progress time? Building brand authority and value can be part of the solution. Not many patients are rushing to pay the bill from a small, seemingly insignificant practice no one is talking about. However, patients can be more likely to submit payment more quickly for a well-respected practice that is popular in the community. 

Build your brand and your practice

Building your practice starts with patient acquisition, which our team at Doctor Genius knows all about. Our experience can help you understand and market your brand so that you can increase both brand awareness and your patient roster. Everything from web content to patient experience packages can be optimized with a little assistance from our trained team members. We are here to talk to you about customizing your package today. 

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