What Does Social Distancing Mean for Your Practice?

May 19, 2020

Social distancing is in full effect, and COVID-19 has made it more challenging for practices to maintain financial stability. Social distancing, however, does not mean that practices must close their doors entirely or discontinue marketing efforts. There are ways to stay in business during the COVID-19 pandemic and continue acquiring new patients. 

The Importance of social distancing during COVID-19

As difficult as it might be for many practices, social distancing is an essential part of getting things back to normal. Ultimately, social distancing for COVID-19 is the best thing for practices because it may prevent the spread of the virus. This not only protects patients, but it also protects staff at your practice from exposure to COVID-19.

With that said, the pandemic does not mean your business has to discontinue all services and marketing efforts, but rather transition into a new way of treating patients and reaching those in need of your services.

What to expect during social distancing for COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing has already caused many practices to only offer necessary or emergency services. This change makes it more challenging for all types of practices, especially those who primarily offer services not considered an emergency. Perhaps more notably, the pandemic has made healthcare and dental workers more vulnerable. Thus staff is required to take more precautions when dealing with patients. 

Ways to stay in business while social distancing

While some practices that do not offer emergency services have closed their doors during the pandemic, others have altered the way they operate. With a little creativity, practices can continue helping their patients and find new ways to reach out to prospective patients nearby. 

Offer emergency services

Many states have requested that medical and dental practices put a halt on most elective procedures but allow for emergency services and procedures that are necessary to continue. While social distancing may limit the services that your practice can offer, transitioning your marketing approach to target prospective patients who need essential and emergency services is a great way to continue acquiring new patients during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Put in place virtual visits

While virtual visits are not an option for all practices, many can stay in touch with their patients through virtual visits. These allow practices to discuss symptoms with the patient and help them determine if their need is considered an emergency. Staying in touch is not only a great way to treat the needs of patients while respecting social distancing, but it also helps ensure that the practice can keep their patients in the long term, after COVID-19.

Continue new patient acquisition with digital marketing

Practices can continue acquiring new patients while social distancing by altering the way they market. More people are using digital devices while they are at home social distancing, which makes for a great opportunity to increase digital marketing efforts. To learn more about how digital marketing can help your practice during social distancing, reach out to us today.

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