The Importance of Source Hyperlinks

August 10, 2020

Expertise. Authority. Trust. Though there are several reasons brands engage in content marketing, these are the top three. According to Moz, companies strive to achieve E-A-T for two reasons: To boost their reputations and to make Google happy. While you can use several content marketing techniques to appeal to target audiences and gain rankings, one of the simplest and best ways to do both is to hyperlink to your sources.

How hyperlinking helps build E-A-T

It is not uncommon for brands to avoid hyperlinking to the sources they use out of fear of sending visitors away from their sites. While this is a possibility, losing one or two readers is a small price to pay for establishing yourself as an authority and gaining the majority of visitors’ (and Google’s) trust. So how, exactly, does hyperlinking help build E-A-T? Below are the top four ways.

1. Build a network

If you have had other practices or industry authorities link to your content, you know just how precious a backlink can be. For each backlink you receive, you may notice a slight increase in your rankings, and you may feel a surge of gratitude that encourages you to pay the kindness forward. Other brands feel this way, too.

By linking to other professionals within your field, as well as to industry experts, you put yourself on their radar and secure a soft spot in their hearts. When those professionals need to cite, say, a dental professional, they may think of you first. The more websites you link to, the more backlinks you stand to receive. A word of caution though: Link only to credible and relevant sites, as linking for the sake of linking could put you on Google’s radar for all the wrong reasons.

2. Boost credibility

A hyperlink is the content marketing equivalent of a footnote. Just as you had to do when writing a college paper or dissertation, cite your sources. Citing, referencing, or referring to the publications from which you gained your information tells your audience that you did your homework and are a source to be trusted.

3. Increase usability

Today’s consumers are more informed than ever before, and not because they have to be, but because they want to be. Most people do not take the information given to them at face value. They digest it, research it, and then research it some more before deciding what they want to do with it. Make things easier on your audience by applying hyperlinks to your content. Doing so allows them to easily verify your material, answer any questions they have, and find related content through which they can learn more.

4. Increase time-on-site

You do not always have to link to outside sources. If you have an extensive library of valuable content, make each piece work harder for you by sending your readers to them. In addition to including hyperlinks directly in the content, attach a list of “Related Content” at the bottom. These tactics have been proven to increase time-on-site, which also happens to improve search rankings.

Invest in your online reputation

At Doctor Genius, we understand that reputation is everything for health care professionals. We utilize several tactics to help our clients build E-A-T online. Using hyperlinks is among the top 10. If establishing yourself as a trusted authority is one of your goals for content marketing, call us by phone to learn more about how we can help you do so.

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