Stay Up to Date on The Latest Google Core Update: What the Latest Update Means for Your Practice

May 21, 2020

The Latest Google May 2020 Core Update may have medical professionals wondering how it impacts their website; here is what we know.

When it comes to helping a website rank in search results, content is critical. The content on a website can help to bring in potential patients through using keywords, SEO, and posting content regularly. At Doctor Genius, we can provide a steady flow of content to a client’s website, as well as managing the site as a whole. Therefore, as Google has just launched another core update, we are preparing for any changes that may come with its new algorithm.

Within this new update, your website may experience changes in search results and the number of people who view your website. Here is what we know about the update and how we are here to help ensure the most effective search results for your practice’s website.

What We Know

According to Search Engine Land, this update went into effect on May 4th, 2020, and is one of the largest the internet has seen in a while. Core updates, as opposed to daily updates, tend to happen every few months and are not meant to be a method of restricting or limiting web traffic to certain pages. However, it can be challenging to completely map out what the changes are with the update and how they will affect your website. 

It usually takes a few months before data analysts can determine the full effects of a core update. However, internal trends are usually reported within a few weeks. At this moment, Doctor Genius’ client base shows positive results for online traffic following the core update. Since the update began, our clients have seen more than a 20% increase in organic page views and organic sessions. In other words, the recent uptick in our client’s online performance is likely due to Google’s May algorithm change. 

How This May Effect Your Practice

The Google Webmaster Central Blog explains that the core update involves changes that “are about improving how our systems assess content overall,” further stating that “These changes may cause some pages that were previously under-rewarded to do better.” However, it can also cause certain pages to not receive as much traffic. In these instances, it helps to have a team that can further assess the situation and adapt to any changes.

What You Can Do to Stay Ahead of Algorithm Changes

When it comes to staying ahead of these Google algorithm changes, there are several possible steps one can take. The main area of focus should always be on the quality of content. While keywords can help certain pages rank in search results, the algorithm continues to change to better track spam or other pages that do not deliver quality content. quotes Google in saying that these core updates are “designed to ensure that overall, we’re delivering on our mission to present relevant and authoritative content to searchers.”

We can help create original content for your website with the purpose to both express the message you want to send and help target patient needs. Our marketing and production teams are constantly reviewing content and help send the right message for each client. As we anticipate Google’s algorithm to constantly be updated to reward quality content, we work proactively to update our client’s pages with the information on the latest technology and answers to the new consumer needs.

We also work to improve on how we structure content to meet the needs of more users’ queries. In congruence with what experts say about SEO best practices, we constantly provide client’s new material because Google’s search values unique content. All of our efforts also adhere to the quality factors stated in Google’s Central Webmaster Blog:

  • Providing original information
  • Containing a complete and comprehensive description of the topic
  • Ensuring the title or headline of pages is descriptive of the topic
  • Using the proper resources and citations
  • Helping deliver a personalized and unique message

The Groups Who Were Most Affected by Search 

One of the major questions people have with each update is who benefits from this and who is taking a hit in the number of page views. explains that “the most influenced categories are Travel, Real Estate, Health, Pets & Animals, and People & Society.” Commonly known as the winners and losers of the update, it seems that websites focusing on news, business and industrial, online communication, and health experienced their own levels of increase in views. further explains that the entertainment websites promoting offline entertainment took the biggest hit and are on the losing side of the update. Since more people are remaining inside and most businesses have restrictions, it can be difficult to offer specific services. Medical practices are also experiencing limitations due to quarantine. However, an outcome of Covid-19 has been google favoring medical providers who offer virtual consultations. Additionally, we have personally seen an uptick in demand for dental services during the first months of the pandemic, as mentioned in our blueprint to recovery

At Doctor Genius, we can help to adapt and tailor the content of your website to reflect both your practice services and the content that will attract more views. Especially following the COVID-19 pandemic and the quarantine regulations across the world, it is crucial for medical practices to have an effective online platform for reaching potential and current patients. For a website to help do this, there needs to be a regular flow of content to display activity.

Reach Patients with Your Message

We will take the time to understand your needs and desire for how you want to present your website to patients. Along with customization, we can help to maintain your website, social media, patient retention, and more with various packages to choose from. Call us at 1-877-477-2311 to learn more about our services today. Learn how we can help you expand your reach and help treat more patients than before.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Google Core Update?

The Google core update is an update to Google’s search algorithm. These changes are focused on helping enhance how Google measures the content of a page to determine where it ends up in search results lists. This update can have a positive or negative effect on search results for certain types of services and fields in the market.

How Often Does Google Release Core Updates? 

In most cases, the update can be every few months. The last update was in January of 2020. This update seems to be the largest update in a while as sources determine that it took around two weeks to finish updating.

What is E-A-T? 

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness. This acronym applies to page quality for webpages, blogs, and articles posted online. This acronym covers the three areas of focus for determining if the content will meet the guidelines of the algorithm update. Doctor Genius can help clients to stay on top of these updates.

What is the Difference Between a Google Core Update and Regular Updates?

While Google Core Updates only happen several times a year, there are much smaller updates and tweaks at least once per day. These routine updates can affect ranking but tend to only have a marginal effect on search results.


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