Resiliency: How to Navigate Your Way to a Stronger, Healthier Business

June 01, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis and the resulting economic fallout has forced many businesses to shut down operations as people are locked down in their home. Fortunately, there is still hope for businesses and private practices. At Doctor Genius, we can help dentists, and other practices maximize their online presence and reach in the digital market. These steps, when done correctly, can help you chart your way toward building a strong, healthy, and resilient practice following the quarantine.

Building a resilient business after a pandemic

Many companies are creating contingency plans as precautions against COVID-19. Some are implementing or adapting existing plans, while others have to develop new plans. The following are measures that companies can take to build a stronger and healthier business.

Consider the effect of coronavirus on customers

Depending on the industry, customers might be experiencing certain difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Business owners need to think strategically about the challenges that customers are facing and what can be done to help them. Using those facts, they can create a new sales pitch and structure their marketing plans to meet those challenges and needs.

Regular business challenges typically worsen during a crisis. Business owners have the role of restructuring their product offerings to address the specific struggles faced by their customers.

Adopt new sales mediums

Despite the total lockdown, people will need to make purchases, providing opportunities to offer your products or services through alternative sales channels. For instance, if COVID-19 is halting customer visits to the company’s store, it is time to target and expand eCommerce channels. Business owners need to review their internet marketing efforts and e-commerce sales and see how they provide a boost.

Focus more on conversations on social media and LinkedIn over physical sales meetings. Many B2B companies, especially those who deal with software or digital services and solutions, are already in this realm. The business continues, and more of it might need to go online.

Focus on long-term investments

The coronavirus disease situation might be the cue to make long-term investments in the business, especially those in B2B sales. If there is a momentary relapse in sales, then the time is right to reevaluate operations, processes, and existing platforms and get strategic for the long term. If there are major prospects in view, now is the time to dedicate more resources and effort into managing the leads and capitalizing on longer-term opportunities.

Monitor the leads, provide reassurances, and let everyone know that there are contingency plans in place and that they can access help when needed. This unparalleled situation is undoubtedly causing many cancellations like concert tickets, airline reservations, and business conferences. Still, high-ticket B2B sales may not suffer as much, unless the crisis continues for longer than anticipated, and companies start to reduce spending and investment.

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Economic recovery might happen earlier than expected. If you fail to position your business strategically, however, you may not be well-placed to build on post-pandemic recovery. Companies can take salient measures now to ensure that they come out of a major crisis like COVID-19 stronger and healthier.

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