Providing Pictures of Office

September 01, 2020

While stock photographs can be useful for filling in areas of your office’s website and getting content out in a pinch, substituting these generic images with original photos can help patients engage with your brand more. Relying on the same generic pictures that everyone else in your industry is using can reflect poorly on your company. By focusing on appealing to more users with unique, eye-catching photos, you have a better chance at ranking higher on search engines and improving your overall SEO. Learn how to take your digital marketing efforts a step further by including pictures of your office on your website.

Knowing when to use stock or original photos

While using unique imagery throughout your company website would be ideal for most effectively branding your company, it is not always practical to include an original photograph every time you need an image on a page. If you’re using a mix of stock and personal photos on your site, it is important you know when it is acceptable to use stock photos and when you should use a photographer.

When to use stock photos

Stock photos can easily be found online and may be free or sold for a low price, depending on the site you use. Some of these photos are very high-quality, effective photographs and can be used for your ads and campaigns in situations where you need to save money and get the image out right away. While these photos may be professional quality, most people can tell the image came from a stock image site, so use these sparingly. 

When to use original photos

Original photos are images that you produce in-house by either taking your own pictures or hiring a professional photographer. Using your own pictures is most essential when you are trying to create a personal connection with your patients and show them the faces behind your company. By including pictures of staff members and using real photos of your office throughout the website, your potential patients get to know you better and are more likely to choose to use your services with you as a result.

Making your images SEO friendly

While it is almost always better to use your own images on your site, you still need to pay attention to how they are being used to have the best ranking. For the best SEO results, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Use images on every page, including with every blog post
  • Place images near the text it applies to
  • Give the photo a unique name that matches the subject matter
  • Reduce the file size by compressing it without compromising quality
  • Consider the format of the photo and how you plan to use it
  • Ensure your images are compatible with mobile devices
  • Resize the image to the appropriate size

Make the biggest impact on future patients

Patients choose medical providers they can trust, which is why using original photos that let your patients get to know you better is so beneficial. Learn how you can work with us at Doctor Genius to make the biggest impact possible on your patients and show them that they are in good hands. Start a conversation with us at 877-477-2311 to find out more about what services we offer.

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