Preparedness: The Importance of SEO During COVID-19

April 21, 2020

The outbreak of the COVID-19 global pandemic has impacted all aspects of our lives. It has altered the way many practices can reach their patients and pushed states to adopt new safety guidelines. While managing your business from home, it’s essential to know which mediums are still accessible to reach your clientele. 

With more people at home, more web searches are happening than before lockdowns went into effect. Many of the businesses that will thrive during this downturn will be the ones who invest in search engine marketing (SEO). While other businesses go dark, an increase in web presence can make you a more prominent voice of authority for organic search. This is especially pertinent for practices vying for local ranking. 

The Importance of search engine marketing during COVID-19

Here are four reasons that you should step up your SEO campaigns during this global pandemic:

1. SEO brings in customers who are ready to spend

Having cash flow can be the difference-maker that helps a business survive during tough times. SEO campaigns generate a better return on investment than other marketing techniques. Unlike more general marketing, which may target people by region, search has the power to link a searcher’s need to their desired service. As Search Engine Journal Points out, consistent posting, allowing more services online, and designing a user-friendly website will help your online business space overcome changes to Google’s algorithm. 

Since businesses have to operate differently due to COVID-19, Google now permits virtual consultations as a GMB listing for telehealth providers. For practices that provide this resource, new searchers in the market, or those who have time constraints are more likely to turn to you. If you are a dental provider and would like to learn more about teledentistry, reach out to schedule a demo.  

2. Scarcity leads to more online searches

An increased number of people staying at home means that there will be more people online searching for the things they need. Household items that were once easy to find have virtually disappeared from store shelves. Ranking search terms for any of these hard-to-find products, like toilet paper and hand sanitizer, is a traffic gold mine.

Businesses can also take advantage of the scarcity by ranking for alternatives to these products. This will also lead to a significant increase in traffic during these uncertain times.

3. Search engine traffic can be measured and tracked

There is little guesswork involved when running SEO campaigns. A business’s analytics gives them detailed information about their users, their behaviors, and the keywords that brought them to their website. It allows owners and managers to tweak their search engine marketing efforts as needed and increase their ROI. Search engine metrics can also help identify poor copy that does not convert. When times are hard, businesses should focus on marketing efforts that can be easily tracked and adjusted. For more tips on which techniques work to bring in new traffic when old content slows in its ranking, check out these seven tips

4. Things will eventually get back to normal

While COVID-19 has caused panic globally, it is unlikely to change the way the world works significantly. SEO marketing will continue to be an effective way to reach customers, and businesses that increased their traffic by adapting to the changes the pandemic caused will be better positioned when things get back to normal.

Even though paid SEO campaigns can lead to positive results in a short amount of time, ranking for hot keywords in your industry takes time. Prime your business to be a winner by getting ahead of your search engine marketing needs and using SEO to generate additional revenue during this pandemic. It is important to follow the trends as online habits are changing with more people at home. 

SEO Made Easy

If you are looking for a professional’s understanding of how to boost rankings for your website, we have teams trained in ranking practices online. Reach out to our support team to learn more. 

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