Morgan Hasseltine

January 29, 2024

More Than Just Words: How DG Tailors a Webpage to Boost Activity

January 29, 2024

Webpages can do much more than what meets the eye, and at Doctor Genius, our team works to optimize those pages to do the most for your practice. There are multiple ways in which a webpage can be structured to increase search engine optimization (SEO) and boost your website’s activity. Webpages may use specific content and keywords, an optimal internal linking structure, procure backlinks, and provide accurate and relevant information for online traffic. Tailoring webpages can be daunting, but at Doctor Genius, we make it easy for your practice to increase its online presence.

Keywords and Quality Content

Search engine optimization refers to the process of improving your website to increase traffic and visibility on search engines. Uploading custom content and using select keywords are two of the core ways to boost SEO.

Doctor Genius works to strategically find and embed keywords on your website that work best for your practice. When keywords are chosen and optimally used throughout the website, your pages are more likely to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPS). When using keywords, it is imperative that you follow a specific plan to use them and not overoptimize a page. By successfully using keywords on your website, your pages will more efficiently boost SEO, bringing more traffic to your website.

Another way that Doctor Genius tailors web pages is by uploading custom content relevant to your practice. Content and keywords go hand in hand, and is therefore important that the content on your website is written around specific keywords. Regularly uploading fresh and unique content helps your pages rapidly index, leading to higher ranking than lower-value and repetitive content. By writing blogs that are both informative and interesting, you won’t only increase SEO but also provide valuable information for your patients.

Internal Linking

An internal link is a hyperlink that leads to another page or resource on your website. Internal linking is crucial to SEO and a seamless user experience. Internal links are a large component of establishing site architecture and link equity, which work to allow search engines to see content and grant spiders to crawl the entirety of a website. Since search engines need access to all web pages, SEO-friendly internal linking is essential.

A well-designed site architecture with smooth navigation and internal linking is important for website users. Working links allow website traffic to explore your pages seamlessly, conveying a professional and informative experience. Because your website is often the first thing your patients see, it is important to put a strong foot forward through useful internal linking.


Backlinks are created when one website leads to another and can be useful in increasing SEO through reputable and informative websites. Connecting your pages with those of high authority, such as websites ending in .org or .edu, can increase the traffic to your website.

Search engines don’t only use the backlinks and other links on your pages to crawl and index them but also to decide how they rank in comparison to other websites. Procuring backlinks in quality content on quality websites helps crawlers index the content and results in Google increasing your visibility on search engines for that given keyword.

Creating A Smooth User Experience

Providing easy access to important information regarding your practice is crucial for your patients. When traffic comes to your website, the information on your pages must be accurate and up-to-date. Including your practice’s correct phone number, address, and other relevant information makes it easy to increase patient acquisition.

Creating an optimized sitemap that is easy to navigate is also imperative to keeping users on your pages longer. If the traffic on your website can easily travel from page to page without getting lost on your website, they are likely to spend more time there.

Doctor Genius Can Help

Building a website and pages that do more than just the basics is crucial yet complex. Curating and selecting appropriate keywords, along with regularly uploading unique and relevant content, is the first step in establishing good SEO.  It is also important to fine-tune your website through its internal linking structure and procuring authoritative backlinks to ensure your website’s crawlability. Not leaving out the basics and providing a smooth user experience is crucial to starting a valuable relationship with potential patients.

From optimizing your website to consistently using strategic keywords and uploading custom content, Doctor Genius can take the stress off your hands by creating web pages to boost your website’s activity and traffic. Request a demo today to see what Doctor Genius can do for you.

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