Marketing Funnel for Patients

November 23, 2020

In general, the marketing funnel describes the process of generating leads and converting them into customers. While you may have a clear idea of what this progression looks like from the perspective of a medical practitioner, visualizing the funnel from the viewpoint of the patient can help you understand why each step in the process is essential and focus on strategies that your target audience is more likely to respond to.

The stages of the marketing funnel

There are several different representations used to explain the steps of the marketing funnel, which can range from three to eight stages or more. However, no matter the number or label used, the process typically covers awareness, consideration, and purchase. Each of these steps affects the patient experience in a unique way and depends on the other to guide the individual towards making a purchase.


The first part of the marketing funnel, often called lead generation from an advertiser’s point of view, is the moment when the patient first becomes aware of your medical practice and services. There are several ways a person can come to this step, including exposure through viewing an advertisement placed on a social media site, seeing your practice on the search engine ranking page after searching for a related keyword such as “family dentist near Roseville,” or hearing about your practice from a friend or family member. While there is much more that goes in advertising and targeting from your end as the medical practitioner or owner of a medical office, the introduction should feel natural and simple to the patient.


After patients become aware of your brand, they transition into the consideration stage. For people who do not connect with your practice or are not in need of the services you offer, the interaction may end here. For those who are part of your target audience or within your scope of influence, this step is critical for securing a conversion.

The patient wants to know that you offer the needed services, have a good reputation, and are qualified to do the job at hand. While some patients may be ready to employ your services quickly, others may need more time in the consideration stage. These individuals may explore your website for reviews and testimonials, browse through any educational content on your site, search for your educational background and areas of expertise, or ask questions and engage with your office to determine if it is a good fit.


Next, the patient makes the choice to call your office and sent up an initial appointment. Even after deciding to get your services, however, patients may hesitate or forget to follow through. Automated email reminders, calls from a staff member, free consultation offers, or invitations to a special webinar can all help guide them to finalizing the appointment.

Let us help you master the marketing funnel

Knowing how to effectively guide potential patients through the marketing funnel takes significant expertise and practice. To get help discovering which methods work, connect with us right away. Learn how our wide selection of services and plans can help at every stage.

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