How To Rank for Virtual Assistants

December 08, 2020

Although SEO used to only refer to the search engines people interact with when browsing the web, this term has expanded to encompass other less traditional ways of searching for content like voice search. Virtual assistants such as Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google Home have become increasingly prevalent and staple in many people’s lives. It is not uncommon for people to have several virtual assistants integrated with their smart devices like home systems, mobile devices, cars, smartwatches, and even television remotes. Here are some tips and insights to help your practice be one of the first options when someone uses a voice search.

Choosing the Right Keyword Phrases for Virtual Assistants

Keywords are the foundation of all SEO. Various factors determine a webpage’s ranking. However, performing keyword research and implementing these phrases into a website’s content is much more likely to get higher on the SERP. It is important to note that the keywords that are successful in online search engines are not always the same for voice search.

Considering Natural Speech

One of the most effective ways one can increase their practice’s ranking for voice search is by understanding the difference between the way people speak and the way people write. People are much more likely to use fragmented phrases when searching for content on a mobile device or computer. In this case, short-tail keywords can be more successful. On the other hand, people often speak in complete sentences, even when talking to a virtual assistant, as speaking out loud is easier and quicker than typing.

The content should include long-tail keyword phrases formatted like a question to improve the voice search SEO. Instead of optimizing for a short phrase like “root canal treatment,” include a long-tail keyword like, “Where can I get a root canal treated?” People will often include more context when using voice search, which pulls up different results than a more general search inquiry.

FAQ Pages

An effective method to incorporate more questions into a website’s written content is by including FAQs. Having a designated FAQ page is one way to do this. One can also structure blog posts and other page content into a question and answer format by turning primary headers into questions. For instance, instead of using the header, “Types of Clear Aligners,” a website can use “What Are the Different Types of Clear Aligners?” The following section would then aim to answer that question.

Prioritizing Local SEO

While local SEO is essential regardless of the search method used, voice search is more likely to be tailored to the location. Virtual assistants and mobile devices are often linked, so information about the user like search history, preferences, and location is known. People often use Siri or other AI technologies to search for activities, restaurants, and stores nearby. It is important to focus on the local audience, as few people will travel far outside the city they reside or work in to seek care.

Using location-specific keywords can increase the chances someone will see one practice before another. People also often ask a general query like, “Where is a chiropractor near me?” In this case, it would be beneficial to use a keyword phrase like, “Where is a dentist in Spokane?”

Google My Business

Having a Google My Business listing and making sure that it is up to date can help local keyword phrases lead people to a business. This listing should have relevant info like the address, phone number, category, and business hours. Google My Business also gives patients a platform to leave reviews, photos, and questions. The account’s success can have a significant impact on SEO ranking for virtual assistants.

Ranking for Different Virtual Assistants

Each virtual assistant has its own set of criteria to consider for ranking. Not all virtual assistants use the same search engine to pull results when someone uses voice search, so they may need to consider optimizing content for more than one. Most businesses primarily focus on Google, the primary search engine for Google Home, Android devices, and Siri. However, Bing is the default search engine for both Alexa and Cortana. Although users can ask most virtual assistants to use a different search engine, many do not. Taking the time to understand and optimize content for multiple search engines can help a website better reach more users.

It can be challenging to rank any products that one’s practice might sell on Alexa. As Alexa is an Amazon product, it prioritizes Amazon Choice items or suggests items similar to the searcher’s previous purchases. If the search query does not have an Amazon Choice item, Alexa will provide the top search result that is Prime eligible. There is no way to apply for being an Amazon Choice product. Prime eligible products have a high rating, are bought often, have a low return rate, and are in stock and ready to ship.

Get Your Practice Seen and Heard

With so many factors to consider for SEO, it can be challenging for your practice to reach its entire audience. At Doctor Genius, our team has digital marketing solutions to help your practice reach new patients. Call us and learn how our pros at Doctor Genius can use innovative search engine optimization strategies to boost your online presence.

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