How Social Media Can Improve Your Medical Website’s SEO

June 17, 2021

Back in 2014, Matt Cutts, a then-member of Google’s search quality team, made waves when he announced that social signals do not directly impact search engine rankings. This threw many marketers for a loop, as they had been operating under the assumption that metrics such as likes, follows, and shares all factored into the search giant’s algorithm. However, it did not stop the more skeptical marketers from seeking ways in which social interactions did impact search, if not directly. What they found over the past six years is that while social signals may not be a direct factor, they certainly influence SEO in several indirect ways.

SEO for doctors: 4 real ways social media can help

Regardless of social interactions’ impact on SEO, there are several reasons you should make it a part of your overall medical SEO strategy. If improving your rankings tops your 2021 to-do list, consider these real ways your social media posts can help.

1. Social media creates linking opportunities

The number of likes, shares, and follows your medical social profile receives may not impact your website’s rankings, but as those numbers go up, so too does your chance of receiving a backlink — or several. The more your followers engage with your content, the more likely it is that an industry leader will reference it in future articles or columns. Backlinks do impact your search rankings, so the takeaway here is to develop and implement a strategy for the social promotion of your content.

2. Social media creates opportunities for brand mentions

In 2017, Gary Illyes, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst and self-proclaimed Chief of Sunshine and Happiness, mentioned that the search engine uses online mentions as a ranking factor. He went on to explain that if a previously unrecognized brand started to receive a lot of online mentions, Google would take notice and view said brand with a new level of interest and relevance for certain queries. For instance, if your practice received several new mentions for the “top braces provider in XYZ,” Google may deliver your website in the search results for queries that contain that or similar phrases.

3. Social media may actually impact rankings

Whatever Cutts said, the findings from a 2019 Optinmonster study seem to contradict his statement, showing a strong correlation between search rankings and social signals. Specifically, brands with more mentions, likes, follows, and shares on social media sites seem to rank higher than competitors in the search engine. Optinmonster concedes that Google may not consider social signals when ranking, but that such signals apparently amplify the factors Google does consider.

4. Social profiles also rank in search

Your social profiles may not directly affect your website’s search rankings, but they can influence the content of the search results. After all, each social profile is a webpage deserving of Google’s careful consideration. Prospective patients may prefer to get to know you, your team, and your practice in a more engaging and personal way.

Learn more about social media for doctors

Google may not list social signals as a ranking factor in its algorithms, but that does not mean social interactions cannot impact your SEO. Call Doctor Genius at 1-877-477-2311 to learn more about the connection between social media and SEO, and to discuss your next medical SEO strategy.  

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