How Location for Feedback Can Solve Management Problems

October 06, 2020

Company websites, including those for medical and dental practices, are increasingly integral in client growth. Attracting people with eye-catching and informative blogs can help drive potential clients to view the site and eventually to set appointments.

One element that you may hesitate to include on your site is a place for people to provide feedback. However, failing to do so may cause you to miss opportunities to get ranked higher in search results and make improvements to the practice. Discover how asking for feedback can take management at your practice to the next level.

Benefits of an open comment section

Reviews and opinions have become essential resources people consider when viewing a new practice or product. If a company does not ask for feedback, prospective clients may look elsewhere. When devising a site design, the placement of feedback can vary. A link at the footer of each page is one option. Popup feedback prompts at various spots on the site is another way to collect this data. Gathering feedback demonstrates that your practice welcomes opinions, and it gives you the chance to improve the business.

Ways to utilize feedback for the better

The more you interact with people on your site, the higher the page may rank in search results. This is in part due to the way search engines calculate the trustworthiness of a website. When engines like Google find a site trustworthy, it bumps it up higher in the ranks. This, in turn, helps market your practice to a broader audience. Engaging with those who submit feedback demonstrates management’s willingness to address issues and make changes. Some simple actions may help improve your business tremendously.

Reexamine current processes

When a client provides a negative review or expresses discontent, take a look at the current processes. When you actively work to change things after receiving negative feedback, you increase the chances of attracting new patients. For instance, improving the check-in procedure after getting complaints about it can help the flow of traffic in the office. It may also cut down on unnecessary work for employees.

Take visible action

As a manager, it is important to think carefully about what you need to do to rectify a negative experience, especially if it involves addressing an employee’s actions or behavior. As points out, the more you focus on the opportunity for improvement, the better workers will handle negative feedback. Aside from taking action within the practice, you must respond to the original post. When potential clients can see that you made a timely response, it increases your authority and legitimacy. Because medical practices rely heavily on word of mouth for new patients, the faster you respond to feedback, the greater the chance people will take note.

Get help with your site

Maintaining a successful practice takes a great deal of work. Instead of trying to fit in time to deal with building and maintaining your website, consider engaging our team at Doctor Genius to assist. Not only do we offer SEO and website building, but we can also insert crucial comment sections in places where existing and prospective patients can see them. Call us so we can go over your options.

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