Hannah Taplin

September 25, 2023

Genius Series: Content

September 25, 2023

Building a website for modern search engines requires a consistent strategy and the team to make it happen. The Doctor Genius Content Team creates high-quality, SEO-focused content that not only engages new patients but also ensures each client’s website ranks well in search results. They work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure that the content is more than words on a page, but accounts for everything search engines desire.

About the Content Team

The Content Team consists of nine employees (called “Geniuses”) and is part of the greater Marketing Department. The roles of the team are split between Social Media, Coordinating, and Copywriting. The Content Marketing Manager, Alexander Hess, works with our management team to map out Doctor Genius’s quarterly and client-specific goals. With these objectives in mind, Alexander sets the objectives for the Content Team’s two team leads: Copy Editor Nick Adams, who handles client-specific needs, and Marketing Specialist Amal Rockn, who covers Doctor Genius’ marketing needs. For the focus of this blog, we only touch on the work produced by the client-support Content Team.


For client needs, Adams works with the assigned writer to determine the page layout and deadlines. The Content Department has four internal copywriters: Nicole Turley, Jasmin Staffer, Jasymne O’neal, and Hannah Taplin. The assigned writer researches, outlines, and writes the Content Ignition Package (CIPs), blogs, or custom content pages, meeting client needs by writing about a specific keyword or medical service topic. Depending on the assignment, they then work with peer editors and the Copy Editor through multiple rounds of edits before passing the page off to the Production Department.

“It sounds easy, but it takes a lot longer than you think,” Adams remarked.

Content Coordinators

The Content Coordinators, Morgan Hasseltine and Musarrat Islam, work diligently to fulfill monthly content orders to clients’ website content, particularly blogs, focusing on enhancing their search engine rankings. They deliver blogs based on relevant keywords to align with the client’s local ranking goals. Using Google Trends, Morgan and Musarrat select impactful and trending keywords to create new CIPs while keeping inventory to meet client demand. Unique clients, like dentists, receive specialized content that capitalizes on specific times of the year or trending keywords.

The coordinators also work on a plethora of other tasks geared toward our specialty products. They are now responsible for ordering and compiling the blogs for our product growing in popularity: Content Ignition Packages (CIPs). These are tailored compilations of 24-72 blogs targeting specific keywords and are now being used across various client verticals. The coordinators also select and compile the video text and audio generated by other content team members, placing the completed work in folders that the Production Team later deploys on our platinum-tier clients’ websites.

Why Good Content Takes Longer than You Think

Writing quality content is more than putting words on a webpage or meeting a quota. The Content Team has to know and implement DG’s internal content standards and style guides, the AP writing style, and have weekly workshops to continue their education about writing accessible medical information that ranks well in Google search results. Google’s algorithm can make it challenging for the Content Team, but the team is constantly learning and adapting to figure out what works and can help our clients succeed.

How We Work Scalability Into Our Products

A standard package is 30 to 40 pages of text related to a specific medical field or profession. It is essentially a website ready-to-go using a templatized framework. Doctor Genius has content that covers a variety of fields, such as dentistry, chiropractics, orthodontics, and psychiatry. This scalability allows Doctor Genius to go deeper into what clients need and add more new and unique information to their website on an ongoing basis.

The Content Team currently has 13 packages with over 300 webpages worth of content and is expanding every day. While the Content Team does reuse content, duplicate content is not penalized in search engine rankings; our data and top researchers in the field back up this claim. They create multi-use CIPs and blogs that include multiple uses in different variations. The Content Team also creates custom content for clients when they have a specific need that is not currently in the content library.

How We Define and Observe Quality 

The entire Content Team strives to provide clients with unique, high-quality content that helps clients rank well and attract new patients. This high-quality content allows our clients to reach new patients looking into the procedures that they specialize in. 

The Content team uses an internal scoring system to ensure that each piece of content is thoroughly researched and that the keyword is mentioned enough to appear readily in Google search results. This may be through displaying information in different formats, such as bullet points, FAQs, and definitions, which can all point toward related synonyms and the geographic location of the person performing the search.

All of Our Work Leads to Customer Success

The DG Content Team aims to produce quality content for various medical practices to help them grow their business. The success of our clients’ websites would not be possible without their hard work and dedication. Ready to learn more about our website packages? Our Customer Success team can walk you through how to grow your business with a content package specific to your needs and goals.

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